Results of Generation Crypto Conference by the Numbers

Generation Crypto, hosted by NEAR Protocol & AlphaGrowth, was the first marketing conference & competition of its kind for marketing agencies to showcase their talents by solving the newest crypto problems.

  • Sponsors
    • We successfully sourced 25 total sponsors across the blockchain space, 19 NEAR Ecosystem Projects and 6 Non-Near Ecosystem Projects.
    • There were 31 total bounties offered, talliying up to $745,000 worth of contracts.
    • We successfully intro’d 150+ marketing professionals to each sponsor, on average 5+ per team.
  • Speakers
    • We far surpassed the goal of 10-20 thought provoking speakers as we gathered 27 speakers with a cumulative following of 350,000+ fans.
    • With the excitement around the event, the website garned 164,000 visits and 208,695 views across the 30 days of streams
    • The social media accounts reached massive crowds with 8.3MM tweet impressions, and 107k profile visits
  • Marketers
    • We exceeded the submission target with around **~520 total submissions coming in from around the globe.
    • The event had a total of 7,061 registered attendees and had an email list of 1,445 contacts
    • We received 9,994,997 imprssions through paid ads, while spending around ~$51,994.76 which is around a $0.01 cost per impression

Thanks @amartin for a great event!


Congratulations for this awesome initiative :clap:t3::clap:t3::clap:t3:

I was lucky to know about this conference on NEAR CON and, even tho I’m not a marketeer, it was definitely a very useful source material for a young web3 diver like myself

I still go to your YT channel to revisit some of the talks from time to time

Keep on the great work :rocket::rocket::rocket: