[REPORT] WiR Fellowship (Aug 21st -> Aug 31, 2022)

Project : NEAR / NEAR Education translations (EN, ES, PT)

One-liner : translations to/from english, spanish and portuguese documents and assets related to NEAR, NEAR Education and NEAR University programs.

Work (Aug) :
:rust: Smart Contract development using Rust couse: translating from Portuguese to English.
Rust & NEAR tutorial

  • English Version
    • Lesson 1-6: Proof-reading, editing, some changes.
    • Lesson 6.2 - 6.3: Proof-reading, editing, content translation, refactoring of code and comments.
      The english version has reached v.1 ā€“ 100% complete :+1:

  • Spanish version
    • Smart Contract development using Rust course: translating from Portuguese to Spanish WIP .

While working on the Spanish version Iā€™m also doing some translation of the new NEAR Docs (Crowdin project).

Hopefully everything will be ready for NEARCON!

Any questions or concerns, be sure to comment below, thank you!