(REPORT) TNEsociety (formerly 9jamusical) for the month of JULY

July 2022

Hello NEAR community!

It’s great having to submit a report of how the month of July went for us. We received funding in June to carry out activities for three months.

Report for the month of June was submitted duly and here we are for the month of July.


This report is to provide an update on the activities done in July 2022 by the TNE society.

TNEsociety which is known for onboarding musicians into the NEAR ecosystem took a huge step forward this month by registering as an NGO with CAC (cooperate affairs commission) which led to the changing of the name from 9ja musical to TNE (THE NIGHINGES) Nightingale was chosen to show that the 9ja musical is not only limited to Nigerians as the name might imply but to everyone anywhere considering he or she is ready to learn and explore the blockchain.

A writing and art contest was organized this month by the community on our discord and Twitter space. Five winners were chosen and rewarded respectively.

Our social media pages have been growing rapidly, and here is an all-in-one link to our social media handles.

The curves below give a detailed explanation of our social media growth.









Relating to our registration as an NGO; now we have a certificate of registration as a Non-governmental organisation and all our social media handles names have been changed from 9ja musical to TNEsociety. Below is our certificate


Registration for our music competition to onboard more artists into Web3 and the NEAR ecosystem ended a few days ago with an email sent to contestants. The music contest is set to start by August 2022; TNEsociety tends to use the contest as a platform to educate as well as onboard many people into the ecosystem.

The month of July was spent preparing for our event that will kick off 7th August, 2022


Most contestants did not pass auditions hence did not proceed to Live show.

Weekly updates will be given on the forum about the competition.

Thanks for the support so far @marketingdao-council , we do much more.


The team keeps working tirelessly to see to the success of TNEsociety thanks to the forum for it’s support… 100% NEAR PROTOCOL


Hello @marketingdao-council!
Some picture updates from first stage of the music event.

More photos and videos coming soon…


Some of the contestants



Hello @marketingdao-council

Here is update from last Sunday event