[Report] Nxm DAO Report - August 2022

Monthly Report - July 2022

Project Name: NxM DAO

Project Status: [in progress]

Council members:




Monthly Report - AUGUST 2022

August was Quite Slow, Especially with Funding; Nxm Had Funded Quite a Projects & Events. In terms of Nearhub Spaces, we are Anticipating a Cool Space to be drawn out soon

NxM DAO Management

The Social Media Team continued to do an excellent job promoting NxM initiatives across the various channels and engaging the community.

Click here for the DAO Management Report August 2022


We have not issued bounties for August.

NxM Resources

· NxM Events Grant Application

· NxM Projects Grant Application

NxM Stores:

· NxM Mintbase Store

· Open NxM Store

Events & Project Overall Status:

Next steps:

  • Continue expanding community through social media activities (have successfully proposed for marketing activities in Q3 under marketing verticle)
  • Support music events & projects from artists in the ecosystem
  • Follow up Near Hub project
  • Follow up De-fi experiment

Thank you


Thank you @Monish016 and the whole @NxM team
My report has been submitted

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