[Report] NxM Community Calls - November 2021

This Report is to recap the Community Calls for November 2021 on Telegram

November Calls:

Nov 11th 2021

Our first call in November was jam packed! Lots of updates on the new funding processes along with updates on recapping October hosted by myself and @zeitwarp.

Nov 20th 2021

it was an intense 18th Community Call, slightly delayed but with a focus on all the coming changes to DAOs and the funding ecosystem as we’ve been aware of it. It was mostly myself hosting this one, with some additional community updates by @Paul

Proposed Improvements:

Moving things on to Telegram has improved participation and made it easier for members to interact, as most of our communication is done on Telegram. We can also save the recording and upload them to YouTube like the links to the sessions above.

We might introduce some Quiz activity as well in the next calls to incentivize participation and make things a bit more fun during the call… Taking cues from @JohnX and the Discord Trivia!

December Call Dates:

  • December 11th (Call #19)
  • December 21st (Call #20)

Request Payout for November - $100 (12 N)
Target - vandal.near