[Report] NEAR Reddit Ops January Summary

Reddit Ops January Report

We have updated the format to be more readable and succinct!

Growth metrics for January

  • 4,451 to 6,465 subscribers (45.2% increase)
  • 100k impressions, with 31k of those being on r/cryptocurrency (new metric from reddit)
  • 127 AMA comments

Goal for next month

  • 7,500 subscribers
  • 200k impressions
  • 200 AMA comments
  • 80% average upvote rate on posts


We facilitated two AMAs on the r/nearprotocol subreddit this month. The first AMA was posted on January 13th and hosted by Jeff Gold, the co-founder of NearHub and Tamago. The post received 18 upvotes and 66 comments. Jeff answered 22 questions. For the second AMA of the month, we had Blaze from Cheddar Farm join us on the sub. I posted the event on January 27th, and we got 7 upvotes and 61 comments. For each of these AMAs, I promoted them in various Telegram channels in order to gain more traction on these events.

Sue has been paying out AMAs from his own pocket for months, and is finally getting around to accounting for his payments. All transactions can be seen through the explorer tool, but the following is a breakdown of the payments.

Paid upvotes

Our posts are also receiving many more upvotes when boosted with a small amount of paid upvotes. On r/cryptocurrency we had almost 200 organic upvotes, and hope to reach between 500-1k on the sub in the month of February. This is nearly a 10x increase in organic engagement over the last two months.

Post Insights

Reddit has integrated a “post insights” feature that provides analytics on individual posts. Total views, upvote rate, karma, and total shares are all represented on posts now. We will be using the “total views” and upvote rate to track our engagement in the coming months. Because many of our accounts were deleted this month, we can’t provide an upvote baseline for January and will set one this month.


We have purchased Falcon.io to provide more in-depth insights into mentions and engagement across the web. Here are a few insights from our initial search on “NEAR Protocol” throughout the web:

There analytics will inform the following content shifts in the coming month:

  • In response to the gender divide → amplifying female voices in the NEAR community
  • In response to fear emotion → emphasizing NEAR fundamentals and potential for “numba go up”
  • In response to geographic data → sharing the work of S2 and emphasizing the potential of NEAR development on the African continent. Focus on sharing resources for non-english speaking NEAR community members.
  • In response to top sites → sharing NEAR content on subreddits focused on business, entrepreneurship, banking, fintech.

Fixing Account Issues

In addition to the growth, we also experienced significant account issues. Many accounts in our network were banned simultaneously, and that resulted in the loss of some posts from the beginning of the month. The links provided below are the ones that we were able to recover, and those that we have reposted. However, we believe we have isolated the issue to cookies and cache tracking, and have purchased a tool that has solved the problem. Moving forward we will take this into account, and ensure a more active documentation of links to prevent any from being lost in the event of another mass ban.

Comment Engagement

Finally, our comment engagement has also increased significantly across posts. These comments are almost all organic, and provide a better metric of purely organic growth.

Links to posts:

Compensation: 879 NEAR (10k/price of NEAR at midnight on February 1)

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Good evening. Could you please use this form for proposal? Thank You

Hey guys,

Happy to approve seeing as there was a previous agreement for the initiative.

However, I’d love to jump on a call with yourself and the Reddit Ops team in regards to future funding. We should open it up to community discussion and for review from the current MarketingDAO Council and advisors.

Further to @Dacha’s post, let’s submit a proposal for future work through that format and jump on a call.

LMK when works.

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Yes. Thanks. I propose work as a guild or include Reddit channel in concierge service .

We spent 8500 Near in 2021 for the channel’s work.

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