[Report] Near Hausa August NDC election voter education and onboarding report

Hi everyone,

In this report, we are going to share with you achievements and challenges faced so far during the month of August, also we are going to share with you what we are doing to make it right.

Also on Behalf of Marketing DAO constellation, Near and Aurora community leaders NEAR HAUSA happen to be in among to the community to amplify NDC election in September for its participation and activeness in the ecosystem. https://gov.near.org/t/approved-behalf-of-marketing-dao-constellation-near-and-aurora-community-leaders-to-amplify-ndc-election/35798

Social media performance in the ecosystem

What we achieved:

Twitter growth From 750 - 945+

Number of Media Content on NDC elections and voter education- 21

Number of Voter Turnout: 95

Component and widget- 5

4 New dev onboarded

Telegram From 1700 - 2190+

We Onboarding: From 41 - 95

Near social: From 8 - 43

Wallet Creation: From 300+ to 500+

Near Social Post: 45+

Social media handles:
Near Social

Our team:



A new community that is entirely related to one ecosystem and not related to airdrop or rewards for community is very difficult especially when is language base and the members are new to Blockchain space, members need to learn and understand Blockchain basics first before learning about the ecosystem and it benefits then further attract engagements, and Mods and social media managers and contents writers need to give timeless hours to support, all this without any supports in terms of funding which is very very difficult.

But, we managed to overcome some Thank you for @Bakaka and other mods, the journey is never easy but the community has taken some steps and dimensions to success now.

Our Dev.

We onboarded new 7 web2 devs who are exploring bOS right now, hoping to build some widgets and components last month. They have been doing a wonderful job, in our vision is to also create local application on the #BOS and a big Dev community in the ecosystem. Even though we hardly share our Dev. Success, we are doing wonders in the next phase as the focus of most communities to actualize the success of NDC election so a Near Hausa. Our Dev. Work will be shared after the election when the focus is shifted.

Our community is more focused on builders and creators, we are planning for some IRL education program for bOS i the upcoming Q4 a cohort based to onboard more web2 devs

We will shift our activities to Near social and increase our presence there too and explore other strategies to onboard more bOS builders.

This is what we have so far and keep updating our subsequent reports under this ones and edits any additions toward the end of the month.

Thanks all for your supports @marketingdao-council @Dacha @Bakaka @IgbozeIsrael