[Report] Max One - Ambassador Activity report for January 2024

Dear Meta Poolers,

I am pleased to share my activities as Meta Pool Brand Ambassador, during January 2024.

This month was hard, but we made it with the community, and I am so excited about the community members that enthusiastic to welcome web3, especially Meta Pool Community.

These are my activities:

Weekly Task for Jan 1st - 5th:
Lens Post: Hey
Thread: https://x.com/ekosubagyo/status/1742785439709135279?s=20
Infographic: https://x.com/ekosubagyo/status/1743175202119524494?s=20
Reddit Post: https://www.reddit.com/r/nearprotocol/comments/18yiok5/sharing_session_meta_pool_is_fast_growing_liquid/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3

Weekly Task for Jan 8th - 12th:
Thread Post: https://x.com/ekosubagyo/status/1744380809602093283?s=20|
Lens Post: Hey
Medium Article: Defi Strategy: How to do Long Position using stNEAR | by MaxOne | Jan, 2024 | Medium
Reddit post: https://www.reddit.com/r/nearprotocol/comments/193bc5n/defi_strategy_how_to_do_long_position_using_stnear/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x&context=3
Infographic: https://x.com/ekosubagyo/status/1745852242446745848?s=20

Weekly Activity for 15-19 Jan:
Thread: https://x.com/ekosubagyo/status/1747662574047334665?s=20
Video: https://youtu.be/8Z84LyCwE7U
Medium: Kembangkan Aset dengan Liquid Staking | by MaxOne | Jan, 2024 | Medium
Lens: Hey

Weekly 22-26:
Video Creation: TikTok - Make Your Day
Just did one task because I was sick during that week.

Monthly Tasks:

  1. Conducted AMA with Pintu Exchange on Jan 19th
  2. Video Creation: https://x.com/ekosubagyo/status/1748780744644690062?s=20
  3. Offline Event at Surabaya: https://x.com/ekosubagyo/status/1751373804885209437?s=20 total participants 39 people (Unleash Digital Asset with Liquid Staking & Defi · Luma)

New Staker Onboarded

  1. Near Transaction 5B4RN1mwVpHihBW3q4XruDNikoj1ZPMh1e6CWUugbqR3 | NearBlocks
  2. Near Transaction 4jVoRKth2Mo215mEwKNK7hixGbFE6U5WAaCWVtKM1zew | NearBlocks



Great job @maxone and thank you for the collaboration together with Near Indonesia

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Thanks @derymars for all your Support for the Offline Event

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