[REPORT] KIL DAO Monthly Report for JUNE 2022

We at KIL DAO are trying to reach new heights in terms of events in the local metaverse and we’ve proven our worth after successfully organizing our third live poetry event. In addition to that, KIL DAO just executed Volume 2 of MetaStraits and it’s got the attention of Esplanade Singapore - so we’re excited to share how Volume 3 is set to position this endeavor on a regional stage! To recap, MetaStraits pairs 2 artists from 2 different countries in Asia for each Metaverse performance to achieve a cross pollination of fans in attendance just like the model of a physical music festival.

In June 2022, we have successfully onboarded 10 new members to the NEAR ecosystem. Free NFT’s were also given to the respective members via KIL DAO’s Mintbase page.

  1. juliosingho.near
  2. cylmusic.near
  3. fayepoet.near
  4. amandabong.near
  5. aidansanjay.near
  6. aaronakash.near
  7. vania.near
  8. chilicrabcollective.near
  9. adrianavinash.near


Keep It Local Presents It’s Lit Volume 3 : Virtual Poetry Showcase


Keep It Local Live Presents : Metastraits Volume 2


Milestones and Metrics for KIL DAO

  • Successfully onboarded 10 new members to the NEAR ecosystem
  • Launched and rewarded 10 NFT’S to our guest via Mintbase
  • Gifted NEAR accounts and Free NFT’S to selected attendees
  • Pulled an attendance of 180 pax for both events at The Playground, Cryptovoxels.

Overall, it was a great month for KIL DAO and we are looking forward to July 2022! Big ups to the Creatives Dao for the continuous support.