[REPORT] KIL DAO Monthly Report for July 2022

We at KIL DAO had a very promising month of July with our Metaverse events: MetaStraits Volume 3 and It’s Lit Volume 4. We are eager the share the results of the latest series of our music and poetry showcases respectively.

Metastraits Volume 3 (Music Showcase)
KIL DAO is pleased to announce not just the successful execution of MetaStraits Volume 3 but that we’ve hit record results and shall strive to continue this upward growth trajectory and trend for Volume 4 & 5 for August.

We have onboarded 12 new users into the NEAR ecosystem including the artists by gifting them NEAR wallets, with SAM P airdropping a golden ticket NFT to one lucky attendee to receive a cash prize upon proof of ownership:

  1. sampadbidri.near
  2. ctoo.near
  3. nathankumar.near
  4. olivermaximus.near.
  5. tanyapretorius.near
  6. melmcm.near
  7. eskortoyo.near
  8. junswee.near
  9. ianchai.near
  10. shezhassan.near
  11. faridhassan.near
  12. andrewwwong.near

Screenshot 2022-08-11 at 9.52.37 PM

Further, we are excited to see such promising results for 2 bold new formats:

  1. SAM P with a 20 minute song challenge where he wrote and produced a song from scratch in front of our audience; and
  2. CTOO with an electrifying live DJ set.

To recap, MetaStraits pairs 2 artists from 2 different countries in Asia for each Metaverse performance to achieve a cross pollination of fans in attendance just like the model of a physical music festival. We refer to the success of our previous shows here:

MetaStraits Volume 1

MetaStraits Volume 2

For MetaStraits Volume 3 we paired Singaporean singer-songwriter SAM P (charting artist with over >5m streams from personal and collaborative works) and famous Malaysian DJ CTOO. This time, beyond just cross-pollinating fans and onboarding more people into the NEAR ecosystem, we demonstrated results to our potential partner, Esplanade Singapore, Singapore’s most recognisable performing arts centre.

Highlights & results of the MetaStraits Volume 3 can be seen below.




WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 7.14.24 PM

WhatsApp Image 2022-07-31 at 11.17.30 PM

It’s Lit Volume 4 (Poetry Showcase)

Further to our MetaStraits series, we have also successfully executed Volume 4 of It’s Lit, where we host talented poets to share their original works in a live reading in front of their fans! We had great line up for Volume 4 as we featured some amazing poets from Asia.

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-12 at 12.50.16 AM

We gave out 10 Free NFT’s to the first 10 attendees:

  1. Benildusjude.near
  2. Lucianperera.near
  3. aaronakash.near
  4. dreebsby.near
  5. judeAshvins.near
  6. deevlr.near
  7. netuno.near
  8. calvintoo.near
  9. ashtinsanjiv.near
  10. juliosingho.near

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-12 at 12.49.46 AM

WhatsApp Image 2022-08-12 at 12.49.46 AM (1)

And we onboarded 6 new accounts to the NEAR ecosystem

  1. ashtinsanjiv.near
  2. rajazhaf.near
  3. eleanorgoroh.near
  4. vaniaen.near
  5. jaclynelisha.near
  6. aidansanjay.near

Highlights & results of It’s Lit Volume 4 can be seen below.



WhatsApp Image 2022-08-11 at 8.31.02 PM

You can even access videos of our July events here!

Summary of July 2022 Goals and Milestones

  • Onboarded 18 new members to the NEAR ecosystem gifting them free NEAR accounts
  • Launched and rewarded 10 NFT’S to our guest via Mintbase
  • SAM P minted and gave away 1 Golden Ticket NFT for a 50USD cash prize
  • Pulled a total attendance of over 330 pax for both events at The Playground, Cryptovoxels.
    *KIL DAO continues to successfully host and grow bigger MetaStraits shows
    *KIL DAO has added @sampadbidri.near and @ctoo.near to our music performer ecosystem

KIL would like to thank the Creatives Dao, @creativesdao-council and NEAR for the opportunity. We are excited to continue new engaging formats and a whole new concept for our showcases next month. We shall reveal more on our funding proposal for August 2022 (which includes an Instagram Verified producer with over 100,000 monthly streams who has already been confirmed!)


Hi @SamPadbidri, thank you for the report.

If I am right, there are 2 different events on your July proposal: [APPROVED] KIL DAO JULY 2022 Funding Request

However, from your report I can’t see specific metrics reflection for each of them.

The posters were from May, June and 1 poster for 31st July

I couldn’t see any highlights from just 1 picture, sorry, but a $4080 proposal needs to be reported in a more decent way than this. I hope you can report back in details as much as possible about the event before we proceed to another proposal! Thank you!

Hi @williamx thank you for your clarification.

First off let me apologise for any information which might be lacking - this was an administrative oversight on my part as it is first attempt at reporting, and I had thought the other half of the event report would be automatically added to by the relevant DAO member with the stats. I have been supporting KIL DAO with their MetaStraits series as a junior advisor but this time wanted to have a go at getting my hands dirty in the administrative side of the execution. Rest assured I am committed to upholding KIL DAO’s high level of reporting and will rectify the inadequacies immediately, within the day.

Second allow me to make a clarification - the purpose of including the photos of the previous events (Volume 1 and Volume 2) was to visually demonstrate the consistency of our shows as we have been trying to get more notable acts on board. They have been reported previously as follows by the well-versed senior DAO members: June 2022 Full Report, May 2022 Full Report and I shall use these as the outline to complete the report.

Your patience and understanding in the matter is deeply appreciated, and I look forward to showing you a complete picture of the good work we’ve been doing! I will send an additional comment/notification when the information has been completed. Thank you!

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Hi @williamx! Appreciate your patience. Please find the updated report in full above. I have made the necessary amendments and additions. Thanks!

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Thank you for the updated information. Other creatives dao mod will review your proposal and we shall announce you soon!

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Hi @williamx thanks for the acknowledgement. Just wanted to check in on whether there are any updates on the report and/or proposal? Cheers!

Also will be adding to the August proposal that we are pleased to have confirmed the other promised notable Singaporean act for for MetaStraits Volume 4: Umar Sirhan from Where Are The Fruits!

Thank you for your time

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