[REPORT] KIL DAO Monthly Report for April 2022

KIL DAO is back to report on another great month that we had in April. We successfully organized two shows in the metaverse which includes our first ever poetry showcase called It’s Lit and a Keep It Local Live showcase featuring Netuno. Both events were held at The Playground, Cryptovoxels. In addition to that, we managed to onboard 14 of our guest to the NEAR ecosystem including

  1. mcstiff.near
  2. nqhhlm.near
  3. ameohame.near
  4. zafirazafrin.near
  5. oppykosmosd.near
  6. ashwinpentlia.near
  7. lisanurmarini.near
  8. kieshenkristen.near
  9. amirulsyakir.near
  10. buburhan.near
  11. annasuwinski.near
  12. ammargeneral.near
  13. Rajazhafir.near
  14. Kimchilai.near

Highlights of both shows could be seen below.

Keep It Local Live Presents Blu Room 1 By Netuno

Keep It Local Presents It’s Lit : Virtual Poetry Showcase

We have also successfully added new members to our council which includes @netuno.near @dreebsby.near and @deevlr.near. We look forward to more shows in May 2022 as we aim to showcase two artists back to back from MY and Singapore respectively. KIL DAO also aims to produce our second poetry showcase in the metaverse.

Goals and Milestones

  • KIL minted and gave away 14 of Free NFT’s
  • Free NEAR Accounts and 15 USD worth of NEAR was given out to the first 14 attendees of the show.
    *KIL DAO organized our first virtual poetry showcase in the metaverse.
    *KIL DAO has added @dreebsby.near and deevlr.near to our council.

WhatsApp Image 2022-05-07 at 12.54.03 AM

KIL would like to thank the Creatives DAO and the NEAR foundation for the opportunity. We are excited to share a whole new concept for our showcases next month. We shall reveal more on our funding proposal for May 2022.

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