[REPORT] Guild-Guild interrelationships

The recently concluded AMA that C1 guild had in Near Nigeria telegram group has drawn up my attention to some facts which I want the community to take note of and employ in future events.

Plans for the AMA was drawn up probably less than a week and marketing done by the NPK guild(Near Nigeria) team. This saw an astonishing growth of the Near Nigeria community from 1030 to 1700, more than 150 present during the video AMA and more than 300 wallets opened during the 1hr 30 mins AMA. This statistics can be confirmed by @JCB and @Dedeukwu of the C1 guild and @Ejabani CM of the near Nigeria telegram group who hosted the AMA.


  1. Interrelationships between Guilds and DAOs as to be push by the general house as this will push the whole Goal of NEAR.

  2. Areas where particular Guilds are specialize should be highlighted as fully expolited as this give rooms for new startups to discover talents needed for their growth and make various Near related events successful in the future.


Yeah, I was there, awesome job. :white_check_mark:

Important to mention that there was a gift for all attendees, an NFT, and I believe that this was very helpful to get attention from nearcomers. :rocket:

Also, it is a nice onboarding to use NFTs, we have to take advantage of our wallet with the collection feature that shows them. :star_struck:


I saw you too and some members of the near Venezuela community, u left early :grinning: , yesterday, Nigerians got to understand the full power of NFTs when it comes to NEAR


Yeah, I share the link with the Venezuelans I want them to know more about the Music NFTs, that is really awesome, the music industry is going to change soon. :rocket:

Maybe others left early, I was there until the end :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: and you know what is funny ? I always heard my name but it was people saying “first” hahahaha

I even raised my hand I wanted to ask if you are planing any contest :raised_hand: I want to share ideas if so. :wink: :beers:


:rofl:, the host was overwhelmed by people questions, another to hold soon


Thanks for coming out @FritzWorm !

C1 currently has a contest running. You are more then welcome to check it out here.


Awesome, I am sharing it with NEAR VENEZUELA and NEAR HISPANO, we should start doing cross collaborations for more engagement :rocket:

I will like to suggest, that contestants should share their work (NFT link for example) on Twitter, and that they receive their reward or by telegram with NEAR BOT or by Twitter with dApplets

Please check this proposal here


Nice idea this will really go a long way


Such an amazing time fam, cross guild relationship from irl events to the Metaverse is worth it. Thanks to NPK GUILD for the opportunity to share our knowledge and spread good vibes and I look forward to building more opportunities for the African NEAR enthusiasts for more engagement and positive growth.:purple_heart:


I really want to learn more, I can put this in all of Near Nigeria communities both on twitter and telegram

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Actually the AMA was very awesome and easy to carried along as its was a voice AMA. My first time of attending voice AMA telegram. It was amazing,i had chance to understand about NFTs Minting on Near with C1 guild. I initially thought minting is such a Huge task to carried out. Thanks to Near Protocol Nigeria NPK and C1 guild for making this possible :+1:


Nice one team. The AMA was interactive and educatice. We hope to host another soon, great work everyone.


I have never attended an AMA that was so educative like the just concluded inter guild AMA. This should continue as it tends to promote both guilds and the ideology behind near and the open we. Thanks to NPK guild (Near Protocol Nigeria) and C1 guild. Not forgetting the NFT give away that was amazing. More collaborations please.


That’s a good idea, it was a great having C 1 guild on NPK guild platform, many comment follow that great AMA session, we call for more guys.