[Report] Development of sputnikdao-cli (Sept 20 → 24, 2021)

Project title: Sputnikdao-cli

One-liner: Development of CLI tools for interacting with sputnik DAO v2.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp participants

Project members

  • Alan Estrada - alan777.near
  • Jose Canales - joehank.near

Payout weeks:
Sept 20 → 24, 2021 (Mexico City)

NEAR target accounts:
NEAR Hispano DAO

Payout request:
205 NEAR


  1. Launchment of version 0.1.2 with release of following features:
  • Complete life cycle of a bounty
  • Propose bounty
  • Claim a bounty
  • Give up to a bounty
  • Bounty done
  • Readme was updated with information about bounty lifefycle

Link: https://www.npmjs.com/package/sputnikdao

  1. Added --network option for switching between mainnet/testnet, including refactorizing of functions to work properly.
  2. Refactor of code to use different Spuntnik DAO factories in mainnet and testnet. Is still pending to test that mainnet is working.
  3. IMPORTANT NOTE: Self upgrade is still failing when done, we are considering that can be an error in sputnik DAO v2 code.

LOOKING FOR FEEDBACK: If you are interested, and you have experience with Sputnik DAO CLI, you can help us to test the bounty lyfe cycle, we have an issue in github about it: Feedback for Bounty Life Cycle · Issue #11 · cloudmex/sputnikdao-cli · GitHub

The record in video of daily updates is done and can be found in NEAR Hispano Discord server: NEAR Hispano

Project Summary
Sputnikdao-cli is a tool to provide an alternative method for interacting with Sputnik DAO in terminal.