[Report] Development of sputnikdao-cli (Oct 18 → 22, 2021)

Project title: Sputnikdao-cli

One-liner: Development of CLI tools for interacting with sputnik DAO v2.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Project Summary
Sputnikdao-cli is a tool to provide an alternative method for interacting with Sputnik DAO in terminal.

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp participants

Project members

  • Alan Estrada - alan777.near
  • Jose Canales - joehank.near

Payout weeks:
Oct 18 → 22, 2021 (Mexico)

NEAR target accounts:
NEAR Hispano DAO

Payout request:
205 NEAR


  1. Record of demo videos and creating a list in NEAR Hispano YouTube Channel, 14 videos are now ready: DEMO Sputnikdao CLI - YouTube
  2. Multiple minor fixes in code and clean of useless files in github repository: GitHub - cloudmex/sputnikdao-cli at develop
  3. We start writing an article about bounty lifecycle.
  4. Tried again to run token voting policy but we need help running staking contract in sputnik V2 @amgando @illia

Here is a short video of what we are facing with staking contract: Loom | Free Screen & Video Recording Software

UPDATE: Here another video with other attempt to use staking contract + token voting policy:

We did this tutorial but seems to be not complete: Sputnik v2 Smart Contract Documentation - HackMD
We has been trying to do this token voting policy in different stages of this project but we need extra information in how to solve the problems showed in video. Thanks in advance.

NPM Package:
npm official site for Sputnik DAO CLI

The record in video of daily updates is done and can be found in NEAR Hispano Discord server: NEAR Hispano

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Hey hey!

Neat stuff! :tada:

Can you please clarify if this is a report or a proposal? Are you requesting funds in this post?

Hi @David_NEAR !

This a report for Developer in Residence in which we are participating for NEAR Education. The amount is requested as payment for job done.

Ah, gotcha!

Typically payment is agreed and sent out prior to the work being undertaken (usally!). Was this agreed on in another thread?

I’ll shoot this over to the ComSquad DAO for review :white_check_mark:

This is agreed with NEAR Education and payments are done by them. @amgando is agreed with this and his team is funding this.

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Thank you for clarifying :muscle:

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