[Report] Development of Burrito Battle - NFT Game (Nov 15→ 19, 2021)

Project title: Burrito Battle

One-liner: Development of an NFT card battle game “Burrito battle”.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Project Summary

Burrito battle uses NFT features for creating an NFT game based on card battle games.

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp participants to Developers in Residence program

Project members

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian
Yair Nava -
Missael Lopez -

Payout weeks:

Nov 15→ 19, 2021 (Mexico)

The following list are the results obtained for the team:

  • Method for creation of “Burrito” NFT’s tokens
  • First iteration for method of battle between NFT’s | Battling mechanism includes an attack and defense stats for defining winners.
  • Definition of “lifes amount” of every “Burrito”.
  • Planning of lockup of “Burritos” for battling.

The code with the progress of the project would be uploaded to the following link: https://github.com/cloudmex/burrito-battle

To know about how the team is organizing and developing this project we prepare a channel in the NEAR Hispano discord server called #burrito-battle, inside the channel the team records videos about daily updates. Link to NEAR Hispano discord NEAR Hispano


Awesome @cloudmex-alan

I have a few members that made the NCD L1 program and want to be on the DiR program asap (=

@blad1 @grex

@cloudmex-alan chilling the project on reddit because I saw this pic, we are doing a great job as a community


@FritzWorm Thanks for sharing my infographic from Reddit :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: