[Report] Development of 4MyFuture DApp (Jan 10 -> Jan 14, 2022)

Project title: 4MyFuture-DApp

One-liner: crowdfunding dapp for students for fund their professional training.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Project Summary
4MyFuture is an app which students with low socio-economic status can find an oportunity to fund their academic goals

Series: Onboarding NEAR Certified Developer bootcamp participants to Developers in Residence program

Project members
Bladimir Aponte - @blad1
Edward vergel - @grex

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian

Jan 10 → Jan 14, 2022 (Venezuela)

The following list are the results obtained for the team:

  • A search bar filter was created to get all the proposals by its title
  • Contract was integrated into the frontend
  • Users can login and signup the dapp
  • Users can see proposals details
  • Users can create proposals

The code with the progress of the project would be uploaded to the following link

To know about how the team is organizing and developing this project we prepare a channel in the NEAR Hispano discord server called #4myfutre-dapp, inside the channel the team records videos about daily updates. Link to NEAR Hispano discord NEAR Hispano

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