[REPORT] 5 Months as a Creatives DAO Moderator

you have a team call with us, but i was out for some reasons, ok something i’ve miss, as you dont know that there was no any rules to make astro in the guides.
Thx for @Jull-gull she filled this metric google form.
From UnitedBelarusDAO with love))

We continue doing our job, with or without funding
People first-world countries do not understand what does it means to fight for. But we hope on it.

I understand your desires and goals, I myself was quite strict in reporting metrics in previous life.
We will try to do our best, but not because of metrics, but out of a desire to help real creative people from our country.

P.S.: sometimes, behind the pursuit of metrics, we can lose the real goal. I often make mistakes somewhere, please clarify if something is wrong. And the fact that the account on Astrodao for the D-Layer was not created on time is my fault, I like to rush people and force things)


True, let’s never forget the important things. The blockchain space is a very new one, we are building some very nice stuff that never existed before. Let’s learn together and enjoy our time here sharing our core with each other.



This @frnvpr :raised_hands::heart: thank you.


Thank you for your inaluable feedback Fritz and for services!

I havent been son involved with Creatives dao but as far as I observe as a Forum Mod all I can say is amount of proposals are mindblowing (not saying they are too much nor unefficient but not so scaleable from my perspective)