[Rejected] by Marketing Dao


Deleted by the author.

I have read the proposal and the previous/original thread, and I can’t support this proposal for the following reasons:

  • There were questions asked by @Klint in the original thread that were never answered. If the council is asking questions, it is because we are trying to understand the details of the proposal so we give responsible, well-informed votes.
  • It looks like one of the new/revised proposals is asking for funding from Creatives DAO, so I don’t think I can reasonably support funding for this proposal without understanding what is happening on their side.
  • There’s just not enough detail for me about why the funding amounts are what they are, the media outlets/promo channels you will use, justification for expenses, etc.

In general, I have been asking proposers to include links (social channels, web sites, events listings, anything to support a proposal), share cost/expense estimates (for venue rentals, sponsorship promos, etc.) and include receipts with reports. Mentioning that because I want to make it clear that I’m not singling you out on this.


Hi @Hawwal I see that you have resubmitted what is basically the same proposal.

In your comments you mentioned that you will be splitting the total budget amount with the Creative DAO.

Please post a link to the proposal submitted to the Creative DAO.


Thanks @Hawwal

Will be watching with interest as this project develops…

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Thank you very much​:slightly_smiling_face:

Good evening, not for me. Thanks


@Hawwal do you have an update on your request for funding from Creatives DAO?


I haven’t gotten a new update yet, they liked the idea. I will reach out again to know what the conclusion is…. Thanks :pray:t5:

No from me.

  • This proposal has very little connection to the NEAR ecosystem;
  • The proposer is also requesting for almost $8,000 from Creatives DAO

Overall, I believe this is a wonderful project that as a standalone endeavour is worth pursuing for you personally. I just don’t see why the NEAR ecosystem fund should pay for it.

Best of luck