[Rejected by HoM] NDC Social media team January (retro)

I. Introduction

The NDC Social Media (SMM) Team is entrusted with a comprehensive set of responsibilities to ensure the effective communication and robust media presence of the NEAR ecosystem. This document outlines the scope of work, the organizational structure and road map of the team.

II. Scope of Work

The NDC Social Media Core Team’s responsibilities encompass:

  1. NDC News and Necessary Announcements:
  • Timely and accurate dissemination of NDC-related news and essential announcements.
  1. Creation of Templates for Houses Announcements:
  • Development and maintenance of standardized templates for home announcements, ensuring consistency and professionalism.
  1. NDC Brand Kit:
  • Management and implementation of the NDC Brand Kit to maintain a cohesive visual identity across various platforms.
  1. Congress Media Support:
  • Provision of media support for NDC Congress activities to enhance visibility and engagement.
  1. Grassroots DAOs, Operations, and Working Groups (WGs) Media Support:
  • Assistance in media-related activities for GDAOs operations and Working Groups to ensure effective communication and promotion.

III. SMM Team Structure

IV. Roles Description

  1. Content Manager
  • Write and curate weekly threads or articles on various topics, including Ecosystem projects support, Grassroots highlights, Beginner’s Guides related to NDC.
  • Share posts and content across various ecosystem channels to maximize reach.
  • Implement the content plan and ensure content delivery is timely and relevant.
  • Monitor engagement and respond to user interactions.
  • Response for NDC social media channels growing
  1. AMA Host
  • Host Twitter Spaces sessions.
  • Prepare comprehensive weekly AMA recaps following each AMA session to ensure information is shared effectively.
  • Create, post, and share announcements of upcoming spaces across the ecosystem and all NDC channels to attract audiences and maximize participation.
  1. Social Media Manager
  • Create engaging news content based on the provided information.
  • Post threads prepared by the Congress, AMA host, and the Content Manager as part of the content plan.
  • Posting statements by Congress bodies on Medium and then publishing the news on Twitter, BOS, Discord, and other social media.
  • Compose and post Weekly Houses updates to ensure consistent and current information sharing.
  • Response for NDC social media channels growing
  1. Designer
  • Working on media content.
  • BOS pages design.
  • Media KIT.
  • Events banners, swag support.

V. Tools & Subscriptions

  • Typefully - $19/month
  • X Blue Tick - $11/month

VI. Roadmap

  1. Streamlining Social Media Daily Ops, sharing Congress Updates & Content Creation for Guides & Eco Highlights.

VII. NDC News Stream Channels

The NDC maintains dedicated news stream channels for streamlined communication and dissemination of information. These channels serve specific purposes within the NDC ecosystem.

  1. NDC News Stream Channel: Telegram: Contact @ndc_newsstream
  • This channel is designated for sharing NDC news with Grassroots DAOs (GDAOs) for the purpose of reposting. The content shared here is curated to enhance visibility and engagement within the GDAO community.
  1. NDC Community Chat: Telegram: Contact @ndc_newsstream_chat
  • This chat serves as a platform to facilitate communication related to NDC news, community highlights, and activities. It acts as a central hub for discussions, collaboration, and the exchange of information among NDC community members.
  1. NDC Near.Page: NEAR Digital Collective (NDC) (neardigitalcollective.near) | Near Social
  2. NDC Medium channel: NEAR Digital Collective – Medium
  3. NDC Twitter: https://twitter.com/neardc
  4. NDC Linktr.ee: goneardc | Twitter | Linktree

VIII. NDC Social media grow metrics

Will be provided by Content Manager and Social Media Manager with January’s request.

Appendix 1: SMM Channels for News Amplification

The following channels are strategically identified for the amplification of news within the Social Media Management (SMM) framework. These channels play a crucial role in disseminating information effectively to the targeted audience and enhancing the overall reach and impact of NDC-related news.

  • This channel includes key individuals and entities within the NEAR ecosystem, such as NF (marcus_NEAR), NearProtocol (DAOvid_Mo), NearWeek (achildhoodhero , Near Insider (tony_insider), Nearity (nearity_DM), DegenDAO (LolSon_tg), NEKO (nonoweb3), ReadyLayerOne (jarednotjerry orange_joe), Aurora (ladevochka), and Proximity (rimberjack). It serves as a focal point for broader ecosystem amplification.
  1. NDC Marketing Channel: Telegram: Contact @ndc_marketing
  • This channel is designated for collaboration with contributors from the Marketing DAO (MDAO). It facilitates coordinated efforts to amplify NDC-related content among contributors dedicated to marketing initiatives.
  1. NDC News Stream Chat: Telegram: Contact @ndc_newsstream_chat
  • Specifically established for interaction with Grassroots Leaders, this chat serves as a platform for news sharing, collaboration, and discussions related to NDC content. Grassroots Leaders play a pivotal role in the dissemination of news within their respective communities.
  1. CryptoNear Channel: Telegram: Contact @cryptonear
  • Aligned with the broader NEAR community, this channel focuses on disseminating NDC news within the NEAR main channel, ensuring visibility and engagement among the wider NEAR audience.
  1. NEAR Discord: https://near.chat
  • The NEAR Discord platform serves as a central hub for communication within the NEAR community. The NDC engages with this channel to amplify news and updates to the diverse NEAR Discord community.
  1. NDC Congress Channel:
  • This channel is specifically dedicated to communication with Houses members within the NDC Congress. It facilitates the amplification of news among key stakeholders within the NDC governance structure.
  1. NDC V1 <> NEARWEEK Channel:
  • In collaboration with NEARWEEK, this channel is designed for the cross-amplification of news between NDC V1 and NEARWEEK, ensuring consistent and comprehensive coverage of relevant content.
  1. NDC Working Groups Channels:
  • All channels within the NDC folder, dedicated to working groups, are enlisted to engage and amplify news within specific working group contexts.
  1. NF/NDC/Aurora Mods Channel:
  • Interaction with moderators from NF, NDC, and Aurora is facilitated through this channel. It ensures that news is effectively amplified within the moderation teams for broader dissemination.
  1. NEAR Leaders Groups:
  • This channel serves as a point of contact with key leaders within the NEAR ecosystem, facilitating the dissemination of news and updates to influential figures who can contribute to broader amplification efforts.

Appendix 2: NDC SMM team budget

Content manager (1) $2,500
SM manager (1) $2,500
AMA host (1) $500
Designer (including BOS pages design, Brand KIT, Swag Store) $3,000
Tools (Blue tick + Typefully + Near Social) $30
Total $8,530

Could you please share the links to these AMAs? I don’t recall seeing almost any of these. When did they happen?


The SMM group has done a good job of transitioning to V1 and has made good improvements. I might recommend other graphic designers on a gig/bounty basis.

We will need engagement reports as part of KPIs for Twitter and key channels that show growth/retention.

Will the NDC Home page still be with SMM or be moved out? I support the maintenance of content by SMM, but design and development to a tech wg.


Thanks for the feedback ser, will be sharing Engagement Stats in our next report.
NDC BOS Dashboard is now managed by NDC Ops Team.


Could you please share the links to these AMAs? I don’t recall seeing almost any of these. When did they happen?


hey @fiatisabubble @DDeAlmeida, I apologize for the confusion regarding the 8-10 monthly spaces mentioned . I took that from our December Proposal.

In our call yesterday with HoM Speaker, our AMA host clarified this oversight of mentioning 8 spaces. You can find the details of spaces conducted link in our Report.

Additionally NDC Sync - Jan 6 was cancelled due to New Year Holidays and unavailability of few Congress members.

Please check with @waxnear if you’ve any questions about spaces.

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i think 2000$ for 1 twitter space, it is a little bit a lot?

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Thanks for your feedback @haenko @DDeAlmeida @fiatisabubble. After some discussion, we’ve revised our proposal and reduced the January budget for spaces to $500.