[Rejected] BeatDAO | Marketing Fund | April 2022


BeatDAO would like to request monthly funding from Marketing DAO in order to help gain our engagements in the NEAR community and in the music producers community. We are working closely with NxM, however we are more focused on music production, focusing on exposing our members through various activities.

Back in January, we successfully released the NEAR Mixtape vol.1 hosted by BeatDAO and in February we organised NEARNauts & BeatDAO - Anthem Hunt.

BeatDAO Essence

Funding Scheme: Monthly

Council: @Paul (crans.near) @Wiswiz (wizzow.near)

Links: BeatDAO | Linktree

Target Address: beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near

BeatDAO March Reports & April Proposal
  • March Creatives DAO proposal:

[APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget for March 22

  • BeatDAO March report:

[REPORT] BeatDAO March-22 Management & Recap

  • Social Media Report March:

[REPORT] BeatDAO Twitter/IG/Telegram - MAR 22

  • April Creatives DAO proposal:

[PROPOSAL] BeatDAO Budget | April 2022

BeatDAO Socials Media Tasks
  • IG:

    • Management: posting about BeatDAO activities and our artists - $100
  • Twitter:

    • Management: min. 3 posts & retweets per week about BeatDAO activities, events, collaborations, promoting BeatDAO artists / engaging community members/onboarding new members - $100
  • TG:

Current numbers:

  • IG: 137 Followers
  • Twitter: 765 Followers
  • TG: 150 Members
Goals & Metrics

Our main goal on social media is promoting the music ecosystem that it’s currently being built with NxM and DAOrecords and community artists and their NFTs. We are focusing on engaging our community members through various shows and opportunities where they can gain their knowledge about technical aspects of music creation, web3 and NEAR itself.

Realistic metrics to reach by the end of the April:

  • IG: reaching 170 followers

  • Twitter: reaching 820 followers

  • TG: grow to 180 members

Request amount: $400 in NEAR

Stay Creative,


Tagging @marketingdao-council for exposure. :slight_smile:
Cheers :beers:

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Good morning, it is another one person than here? Or what stands for DAO management rewards in your proposal for Creative DAO? Thanks

As I see your social media not too much active, and believe that the DAO management can post news on tg and Instagram ones / twice a week within Creative DAO proposal ($1000 a month).

Looks like dubbed activities …

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Hey @Dacha
DAO management stands for writing proposals, guiding the community members in other to submit their proposals, voting in Creatives DAO polls on AstroDAO, and meetings in order to set collaborations details (like with NEARNauts).

Regarding Trivia- it’s not dubbed, I just mentioned what are we doing in order to engage the community. :slight_smile:

The requested funds are for the additional amount of time that’s needed to be cover for our socials.

So, will be covered by the proposal. I think $1000 it’s great rewards and should include 2-3 times posting on Twitter and Instagram.

Dubbed proposal.


Sorry ?


Tweets are being posted much more regularly than 3 posts a week, in other to engage others.



Who is work with your social media? What the media plan on April ? Don’t get me wrong, but in my opinion 3 retweets / posts a week don’t worth $150 a month . The activities can be covered by $1000 management rewards. No from me. Thanks


Ok, I might put some details wrong here, so let’s start again.

People that run DAO can lock 30% of the total requested amount into management, therefore we have locked $1000. DAO management stands for coordination of the DAO and the whole community, being proactive and open to members’ feedback, fine-tuning the DAO in the way the community would like to see, therefore we are offering various opportunities to stay active with us and NEAR music ecosystem, which we are building with NxM, DAOrecords and others. If you would like to get more info please familiarize yourself with every report under #beat-dao

Telegram is being handled by @Wiswiz, with a little help of mine, 8N is a total reward for the participants, which allows us to keep our chat active.

Twitter is being run in a spontaneous way I must say, however, I’m posting tweets every day regarding BeatDAO and artists, partners like DAOrecords, NxM, or even NEARNauts. When you look at our previous social reports you can see that we are reaching good numbers in terms of engagements:

March has 31 days, today is the 29th of March, and we have already 31 tweets posted, so it’s way bigger than 3 posts a week, as you can see :smiley:

Originally I wrote this proposal as a draft last Friday, however, we already gained 10 followers:


The most popular Tweets:

On Instagram, I’m posting flyers connected with our activities, and artists, as we are entering April with 2 shows per week, the minimum number of weekly posts is 2, however, this is not a constant number.

As you can see, handling social media requires our focus and time, where we are constantly experimenting with new ways to engage others through our socials streams. (trivia, meme on Twitter, polls).

Hope my reply was sufficient for you!

P.S. We are also official partners of the NEARNauts. :partying_face:

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Would love to hear more opinions from other councils regarding BeatDAO work and contribution.
Cc @satojandro @Klint @cryptocredit

Related topic

Hi @Paul – thanks for answering the questions asked above and for the clarification.

I can support this for a month to see how additional funding can help continue to grow your ecosystem. Just a general comment, sometimes when projects overlap, it is difficult for us to quickly understand all the nuances of a project and how projects interact and collaborate. So the more you can do to distill that for us and make it really clear how different projects you’re involved in are doing different things, that will help us understand requests more quickly in the future.

You currently need the support of at least two other members of the @marketingdao-council before we can Approve or close this proposal. Tagging them here.


@Paul I will also support your plans for one month.


Can you please provide a detailed summary of:

  1. All the NEAR Related projects that the Council and Team Members are currently working on?

  2. All the proposals the current Council and Team Members have had approved/rejected from any other funding vertical (Creatives DAO, Education, NxM, etc).

  3. Disclose any conflict of interest or relevant factors such as on-going allegations of misconduct against sitting Council Members and/or Team Members.


Hey, sure!

  1. I and @Wiswiz are working on BAYOR ep, which should be the first music nft generative project. At the moment we are waiting for Graffiti DAO to deliver some roughs drafts to the art background. We’d like to launch this with Tenk Team, hope we will manage.
    BAYOR is cross-dao collaboration project by BeatDAO, Graffiti DAO and VanDAO.
    [REPORT] BeatDAO participation in the VanDAO & Graffiti DAO EP Collab MAR-22
    Besides BAYOR, we are touching a base with NEAR Hub to have our own room there, we have provided some rough drafts of what it’s supposed to look like, hope we’ll have soon a place to hang out in Metaverse.
    Also, Tamago is on our radar too, but one step at a time. :slight_smile:

  2. [APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget | April 2022
    [APPROVED] BeatDAO Budget for March 22 - #2 by adrianseneca
    [APPROVED] BeatDAO Funding Request for February 2022
    [APPROVED] BeatDAO Funding Request for January 2022

Ongoing allegations? Maybe I’m not aware of something, but we don’t have at the moment any ongoing allegations, nor serious ones, as our proposals, reports together with actions are transparent.

We had one issue with a person who had started treating us as a cash grab project, not adding any value, but screaming and using big words in order to prove his “right”, and telling sweet words in other to manipulate others, however that person has been banned by NF, as not only BeatDAO had issues with him. If these are those allegations of misconduct against others, then please be informed that I’d do it again if I had to, as I don’t like working in a group where only money is on the tongue, and actions are not focused on DAO growth by the council… It was channeling but educating at the same time.


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There’s been some internal discussion on the nature of the work being pushed across channels that are already being paid out and proposed inside of other proposals. Sorry it’s no from me.

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I fully understand.

I’d like to thank you all for your time during this process.