[Propsal] Creative Dance promotion for $Near

[Proposal] Dance Promotional video for $Near

Budget for Dance promotion 500$

Wallet to be funded: psalm.near

Onboarding 5 dancers including myself, and other interested persons that the video reaches and giveaway candidates that would execute this goal……

Dancer/Routine/choreographing and concept 100$

4 dancers each 50$ making a sum of 200$

Director and videographer/editing 75$

Payment for promoting the video_ on twitter and instagram for publication 50$

Giveaway for first 2 random people to retweet,tag 5 people on twitter (highest engagement gets the price)and first 3 to reposting of the video to reach out prospects viewers and onboarding more members to DAO 50$

5group pictures,with mad concept which would later be minted as an NFT on @mintbase 25$

All transactions would be done with the near wallet! So more dancers would be introduced to Crypto life via $Near protocol.

The video is going to have alot of content about Near protocol and by watching the dance video people can know about near just through watching the video


Outstanding proposal,I love creative dance


Creatives only support monthly funding requests from DAO’s or Guilds. You can see more about this in our guide lines below.

Perhaps the best way forward for this project is to propose it to some DAO in our ecosystem. You can find out and communicate with them in our open group. :wink: