[PROPOSAL to House of Merit] NDC SMM January + February Proposal

gm. We extend our gratitude to everyone in the community who has supported us throughout our journey - whether through collaborative efforts on our threads or amplifying our posts, your support has been invaluable to us. We also extend our deepest appreciation to the HoM members who stood by us and supported us.

Today, we’re bringing you our last proposal. It’s a bittersweet moment that marks the end of our(@kv9990 AND @rahulgoel007) journey with NDC SMM. After much consideration and reflection, we have made the difficult decision to discontinue our operations effective March. This decision comes in light of feedback from a few NDC HoM Members, who consistently challenged our proposals and attempted to subject us to different standards of remuneration compared to other NDC HoM Members.

One of NDC’s core values is fairness to all contributors. We firmly believe that there should be uniform standards for remuneration across all members, including HoM and SMM teams. We have observed disparities in remuneration between our team and roles such as the HoM Meeting Scheduler and Coordinator, who, despite similar responsibilities, receive higher compensation, including a base payout of $1500 for voting.

Let’s end this on a positive note. We’re seeking our remuneration for the work done in January and February with this proposal. Our January proposal had a majority approval (7/13) from HoM but failed to gain the approval threshold and proceed further.

I. Introduction

The NDC Social Media (SMM) Team is entrusted with a comprehensive set of responsibilities to ensure the effective communication and robust media presence of the NEAR ecosystem. This document outlines the scope of work, the organizational structure, and the team’s road map.

II. Scope of Work

The NDC Social Media Core Team’s responsibilities encompass:

  1. NDC News and Necessary Announcements:
  • Timely and accurate dissemination of NDC-related news and essential announcements.
  1. Creation of Templates for Houses Announcements:
  • Development and maintenance of standardized templates for home announcements, ensuring consistency and professionalism.
  1. NDC Brand Kit:
  • Management and implementation of the NDC Brand Kit to maintain a cohesive visual identity across various platforms.
  1. Congress Media Support:
  • Provision of media support for NDC Congress activities to enhance visibility and engagement.
  1. Grassroots DAOs, Operations, and Working Groups (WGs) Media Support:
  • Assistance in media-related activities for GDAO operations and Working Groups to ensure effective communication and promotion.

III. SMM Team Structure

IV. Roles Description

  1. Content Manager:
  • Write and curate weekly threads or articles on various topics, including Ecosystem project support, Grassroots highlights, and Beginner’s Guides related to NDC.
  • Share posts and content across various ecosystem channels to maximize reach.
  • Implement the content plan and ensure content delivery is timely and relevant.
  • Monitor engagement and respond to user interactions.
  1. AMA Host:
  • Host Twitter Spaces sessions.
  • Prepare comprehensive weekly AMA recaps following each AMA session to ensure information is shared effectively.
  • Create, post, and share announcements of upcoming spaces across the ecosystem and all NDC channels to attract audiences and maximize participation.
  1. Social Media Manager:
  • Create engaging news content based on the provided information.
  • Post threads prepared by the Congress, AMA host, and the Content Manager as part of the content plan.
  • Posting statements by Congress bodies on Medium and then publishing the news on Twitter, and other social media.
  • Compose and post Weekly Houses updates to ensure consistent and current information sharing.
  1. Designer:
  • Working on media content.
  • BOS page design.
  • Media KIT.
  • Events banners, swag support.

V. Roadmap:

  • Streamlining Social Media Daily Ops, sharing Congress Updates & Content Creation for Guides & Eco Highlights.

VI. NDC SMM team budget:

Jan Feb
Content manager (1) $2,500 $2500
SM manager (1) $2,500 $2500
AMA host (1) $500 $2000
Designer (1) $3,000 $3000
Total $8,500 $10000

A total of $18500 for January and February.


Hello, I would like to advise SMM team, that read the first congress member’s report work and letter back to write any statement on the forum!

You can find Congress members’ report work here! >> Congress members transparency activity tracking list and REPORTS


Thanks for your feedback. My intention with the “statement” wasn’t to challenge Congress’s payout. Rather, it’s open to interpretation depending on the reader’s perspective.

We’re not seeking higher remuneration akin to Congress members, instead advocating for fair remuneration for SMM team, aligned with the same standards applied to HoM members remuneration.

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