[Proposal to HOM, rejected by HoM] Near Infohub - Unifying the Near Ecosystem

Near Infohub - Unifying the Near Ecosystem

Proposal Information

  • Project Name: Near Infohub - Unifying the Near Ecosystem
  • Proposal Name: Near Infohub Funding Proposal
  • Date: 04/22/2024
  • Category: Ecosystem, Strategic

Previous Funding


Applicant Information

Team Members & Experience

At Hooman Digital, we are a dynamic team of versatile professionals with expertise across various digital domains. Our commitment is to deliver authentic and user-friendly solutions tailored to meet DAO requirements. Our diverse team includes designers, developers, writers, marketers, and community builders. A testament to our capabilities is our successful collaboration with the decentralized cloud Akash Network, where we designed and currently maintain their 100% open-source platform, highlighting our dedication to transparency. Explore our work at Akash Network.

Additionally, we are actively involved in developing a cutting-edge platform for ArbitrumDAO, which is accessible here. This platform aims to be a universal hub, enhancing information access within the ArbitrumDAO ecosystem.

For more details, explore our work: Hooman Digital.

Project Overview

Mission: Enhancing user experience and engagement within the Near ecosystem through the Near Infohub platform.
Vision: Creating a highly researched, open-source, and user-friendly platform that fosters collaboration, education, and participation in the Near community.
Data Management: The platform will be designed with an off-chain and on-chain data management methodology to allow multiple members to update/upload information seamlessly.

Core Programs

  • Information Consolidation: Aggregating vital information into a central hub for easy access.
  • Simplified User Navigation: Streamlining processes to reduce the learning curve for new users.
  • Increasing DAO Participation: Designing user-friendly interfaces to promote engagement and easier navigation of the Near ecosystem.

Problem Aimed to Solve:

  • Complex User Navigation: Simplifying access to information and resources for regular users and newcomers.
  • Scattered Data: Consolidating dispersed information across the Near ecosystem.
  • Lack of a Central Platform: Creating a go-to open-source platform for easy navigation and engagement.
  • Comprehensive Guidance: Providing all necessary information in one accessible location.
  • Fragmented Community Engagement: Fostering collaboration and connectivity among community members.

Achieving NDC Priorities, Goals, and KPIs

We will build a highly curated and researched platform which will enhance the understanding of Near and what’s happening, not only amongst Near users but also amongst general users. This enhances user understanding and engagement, aligning with NDC’s vision of community-led governance and facilitates collaboration and idea sharing, contributing to the growth and development of the Near ecosystem.

Roadmap, Milestones, and Achievements

Milestone 1: May-June (400 hrs)

  1. Overall Platform Blueprint and Planning (Week 1st-3rd):

    • Define architectural framework, key components, and navigation flow specific to the Near ecosystem.
    • Analyze required functionalities and define core features for integration within Near’s infrastructure.
    • Plan individual pages, hubs & spaces, specifying content, layout, and features tailored for Near users.
    • Enhance user experience through interactions, responsiveness, and accessibility within Near’s environment.
    • Develop a content strategy aligned with Near’s goals and community expectations.
    • Research Near’s ecosystem for insights and identify areas for innovation.
    • Identify potential risks and challenges within Near’s context, developing mitigation strategies accordingly.
  2. Homepage Design and Development (Week 3rd to 5th):

    • Design & develop a user-friendly Home Interface aligned with Near’s branding and user preferences.
    • Ensure a responsive layout for seamless user experience across all Near devices.
    • Emphasize critical information using infographics, text, and design elements relevant to Near’s ecosystem.
    • Convey Near’s core message clearly and concisely to users.
    • Conduct thorough testing and iteration based on Near user feedback for continuous improvements.
  3. Community Hub Design and Development (Week 5th-7th):

  • Create a user-friendly Community Hub Page aligned with Near’s branding, offering a flawless experience across devices.
  • Establish a central hub for community engagement, providing details to get started and explore the Near ecosystem.
  • Showcase contributions related to educational resources, videos, etc., from the community.
  • Implement easy listing via Markdown format for simplified content updates by community members.

Milestone 2: July-August (360 hrs)

  1. Work-Group Hub Design and Development (Week 1st-3rd):

    • Design and develop a user-friendly Work-Group (WG) hub page aligned with Near’s branding.
    • Create a dedicated space for different workgroups or groups of members engaged in core contributions.
    • Provide an overview and details about workgroups, easily upgradable by workgroup members through Markdown.
    • Implement a combination of on-chain and off-chain methodologies for efficient data handling.
  2. Proposal Hub Design and Development (Week 3rd-5th):

    • Design and develop a user-friendly proposal hub page aligned with Near’s branding.
    • Include general details about proposals for the foundation and other DAO initiatives.
    • Provide guidance on how to engage and post a proposal, including proper form links and instructions.

Milestone 3: September-October (450 hrs)

  1. Grant Hub Design and Development (Week 1st-4th):

    • Design and develop a user-friendly grant hub page aligned with Near’s branding.
    • Provide details and an overview of different grant programs under Near and accepted projects.
    • Implement a proper pipeline for easily listing the accepted projects for the grant managers.
  2. Developer Hub Design and Development (Week 4th-5th):

    • Craft a user-friendly developer-page interface, aligning with Near’s branding.
    • Showcase an overview of getting started with development on Near blockchain with proper relevant resources available.
    • Provide high-level guidance to beginners and external links to official documentation for detailed information.
  3. Ecosystem Page Design and Development (Week 5th-8th):

    • Design and develop a user-friendly ecosystem page aligned with Near’s branding.
    • Include space for highlighting success stories and case studies related to different projects in the Near ecosystem.
    • Implement an easy pipeline for partners to list projects through Markdown with minimal details.


Milestone-1 (May-June) Budget: 400 hr * 100 usd/hr = 40k USD
Milestone-2 (July-August) Budget: 360 hr * 100 usd/hr = 36k USD
Milestone-3 (September-October) Budget: 450 hr * 100 usd/hr = 45k USD
Total: 121k USD

Project/DAO Longevity

If the community values the work we intend to undertake in developing this strategically future-proof, long-term platform and wishes for us to maintain all relevant new information, then yes, we will need monthly financial support to ensure it remains fully updated and to introduce relevant new pages as needed. This platform is strategic as it simplifies information access for users navigating the ecosystem.

We have successfully completed similar work for Akash Network and are currently engaged in similar efforts for the ArbitrumDAO. With the necessary financial and awareness support, there are no roadblocks ahead. We possess the experience and expertise needed to undertake such tasks effectively.

Thank you.