[PROPOSAL] Submission Open Call - trendheo.near “Marma_J_Foundation Color Love” - Marma J

Hi! I’m Trendheo (trendheo.near). I am sending this illustration called “Marma_J_Foundation Color Love” for open call [OPEN CALL] Adding Minters to the "marmaj.mintbase1.near" Smart Contract
My art suddenly appeared in my head, it was already in my subconscious. Maybe it was already there during my journey with Marma_J_Foundation!
I request a reward of 10 $ marmaj.
The funds will provide for the improvement of this content in the future. Its minted and on mintbase with 80/20 participation and 100/100 royalties in favor of the MarmaJ foundation.
I am open to negotiations, i hope to contribute to the project.
Thank you so much!


While this is an interesting piece. I am not really sure how it defines “love/support/positivity” to you specifically.

Also, 10 marmaj is $200 USD at the moment. While I am sure this piece took you a while to create, I am not sure I would personally value it at 200$. This piece was submitted, and selected, for the OPEN CALL, but what actually gets minted on the store should fit the theme of the store, which is showcasing the artist’s personal definitions of love/support/positivity :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I totally agree! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: