[Proposal] Sinewave Surfers Collective Showcase May 2022

This proposal is an update and reposting of a postponed event pitched in April 2022.

After a solid collaboration with the Sinewave Surfers on our previous event; we would like to preserve the momentum we have garnered by proposing a new event series showcasing more new artists from their collective. With this we intend to bring both the DJ DAO and NEAR Protocol to a wider userbase of listeners, events goers and performers.

The event is similar to our Strictly Ballein series, featuring line-ups exclusively from the Sinewave Surfers Collective’s platform and their wider networks. The events will be co-facilitated by @electrobro and held once a month at our Cryptovoxels Venue Partner, The Playground

This month’s show will take place on May 24th 2022 at 8PM EST, featuring 5 performers: JKuch, Yaco, C.R.I.S.T.E.N., Tango, and Sleazy Lettuce. All of whom will be onboarded to the NEAR Ecosystem and DJ DAO.

Event visuals concept by Sinewave Surfers


  • Guest DJ set @ $100 (x5) = $500
  • Venue rental & set up @ $25 N (x2) = $50
  • Marketing posters for various socials = $100
  • Livestream broadcasting & facilitation = $100
  • Event management = $500

Total Request: $1250 (117.8N)

Target: netuno.near

managed by:


Venue partner - @vandal

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Added to my schedule :smiley:

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