[Proposal] Show Your Moves Season 2

Council members:


Total requested funding: $600

Projects And Timelines


This is a contest for dance groups to submit dance routines or choreography around a general theme that will be provided by the Dance DAO Council. Submissions will be curated and evaluated, and excellent entries in several categories based on pre-announced criteria will be chosen. Overall best entry will be minted as NFTs.


This activity will create massive awareness and engagement for our nascent community.

Dance enthusiasts, performers, etc., will be drawn to our DAO, driving the commencement of our onboarding initiative.

We will make use of social media platforms like Twitter and Instagram, alongside the Governance Forum, for submissions.

More Details

A Forum post will be made calling for Dance Groups to submit entries of themselves performing a 2 minute dance routine to a theme which will given. This same post will be published on every social media platform to raise awareness of ramp up engagement and principally, get dancers who aren’t already on Near involved too.

Entries will be posted both here and on our social media pages.

Submissions with the most engagement will be rewarded.

Adverts and publicity to ramp up awareness and engagement about this contests will run vigorously.

The competition will be rounded up with a metaverse meeting. Talks about Near will be delivered by @Dedeukwu at the party. Entries will also be premiered and winners will be declared and awarded.

Best overall submission will be rewarded along with 1st and 2nd runners-up.


The best entry will be minted as a video NFT in our store on mintbase to immortalize our milestone.

Onboarding of an average of 10 dancers.
Engaging of atleast 20 dancers.
A Metaverse meeting
Minting of 4 NFTS


Show Your Moves

Graphics - $100


1st Place: $200
2nd Place: $150
3rd Place: $100

Most Liked Entry


Logistics $50

Honorarium for Speaker $100
Honorarium for host $100

Total: $900