[Proposal] Sheeloh dance battle & psalm dance concept For Dance DAO

Proposal for dance DAO

Dance Concept x Sheeloh’s dance battle

Budget for the event : 1000$

Wallet to receive funding: psalm.near

Firstly Sheeloh’s battle ground is an event that brings dancer in port harcourt together to showcase their various dancing :dancer: skills in a battle ground

Sheeloh is the leader of a very big and known crew in port harcourt named Autobot they’re into animation and robotics, he’s a blogger, content creator and an influencer with his help dance DAO can promote and publicize $Near protocol and onboard dancers to involve in near activities

This month Sheeloh’s Event would be highly sponsored by $Nearprotocol

Timeframe and steps to execute this project:

The event would be held towards month end from the day range 25-30th of July

All promotions and publications and bringing in dancers to the event.

Making Graphics, campaign and flyers 100$

All dancers participating in the battle would be onboarded and added to our DAO where we can help them create a customized wallet for them…….

On the flyer would have their near name on it for those battling,

Expected dancers to be onboarded for battle minimum of 10dancers

Funding would be needed by 10th-12th to start set up and other requirements needed to be available

Making blog about winners and magazine, also making of banner 50$

5 dancers would be selected for a dance cypher, showing different dance moves, Making a promotional video for $Near having information about near on the dance video 250$

Video would be minted on our DAO as an NFT

5urban and amazing pics would be minted as an NFT too

(This video would have dance and information about $Near so when people watch the video they get to know about near too)

Basic fundings

Winners from different categories of dance genres listed below gets 25$ each as price reward in near wallet 4winners making 100$ and Customize near polo shirt 15$ for 6 making 90$

Total for prize to winners in Near and customize polo: -190$

Breakdown of how 190$ is been distributed:

For best hiphop dancer in the battle gets 25$

Best Afro dancer in the dance battle gets 25$

Best animation/robotic dancer gets 25$

Best Bboy/pop and lock dancer gets 25$

4 polo giveaway for, 2 supportive pillar for this project and 2 for FCFS (early birds)

1 polo for random people in the event as a giveaway from near

1 polo for best hyper

Renting 2 big speakers to play music for the dance :dancer: 20$ for each, making both speaker 40$

Renting a studio 100$ for 12hrs……

Videographer & photographer to capture all and record all activities in pics and video form 100$

Sum of 200$

Event organizing and event planing :

Sheeloh and psalm 150$

20$ for refreshments and drinks

Concerning the battle : all battle would be filmed and video would be posted by each rewarded winners on any platform.

Max of 15 pics would be minted as an NFT

Pics and videos from this event would be minted as an NFT on our store and metaverse meeting on tama island :desert_island: on Nearhub would hold after the event

Total funds:400$+190$+40$+150$+200$+20$= 1000$

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Who is this proposal to?

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It’s for dance DAO sir
Under the creatives