(Proposal) Play Real eSports - GameFi eSports tournaments

Play Real eSports is a GameFi eSports tournaments platform that holds mobile and blockchain-game tournaments

What we are building

Tournament eSports platform with integrated game mechanics for monetizing the time of participation in tournaments

Why we are building

Nowadays eSports tournaments are based on Old “Sponsorship” business model.
It’s the reason why 248 M eSports players can’t monetize their time spent in tournaments.
Monetize the time of ~5% of the best who consistently win tournaments.
*Source analytical company Newzoo

Our platform provides following opportunities to players:

  1. Сompete for the Prize Pool
  2. Get and own NFTs with properties that directly benefit players and teams
  3. Sell, buy and rent out your NFT
  4. Get PRE-tokens, that are used in various mechanics (improving NFT, trading, participating in events, access to unique possibilities of the platform)
  5. Play the “Play Real eSports” Game to gamify the competition process
  6. Have a possibility to manage the development of the whole “Play Real eSports” ecosystem through DAO

Apart from the interaction with the platform as a user, the player will be able to influence the choice of development path they believe is best for the common benefit!

  1. Choose games that have esports prospects and are worth being developed
  2. Adjust tournament rules to make them as fair as possible
  3. Take part in the development of functionality to improve the usability of the platform
  4. Manage the platform, develop it, get bonuses and enjoy the process!

Smart-contracts bring transparency to the tournament process, because when creating the tournament prizes will be “on hold” and will be transferred to the winners automatically. Thus the player always knows the prize exists, that it will reach its destination and will not get lost on its way :wink:


How Key Mechanics will work

  1. Smart Tournaments
    More details

  2. Perks
    More details

  3. Battle pass
    Battle pass includes seasonal awards that can be obtained through completing Quests.
    More details

  4. Marketplace
    Marketplace functional features: Purchasing, Selling, Renting, Lending
    More details

  5. Achievments
    Achievements at the platform are very important to many players and are the integral part of the challenge. Reaching them will bring nice benefits to the players.
    Example: take part in 1000 tournaments – get an NFT with properties and design and 1000 tokens

What is ready and how it works
Tutorial (demonstration)
More details

How we will help the development of the web 3.0 gaming industry

  • Strong eSports community can help to steer Web 3.0 competitions development on the right course
  • Play Real eSports will be the bridge between web 2.0 and web 3.0 gaming
  • eSports players tend to become opinion leaders for regular gamers.
    If games are developed with their direct involvement, they will get familiar to all the advantages of web 3.0 and pay2earn (“P2e” model developed with fair balance) and will become “the guarantee” for main part of regular gamers to switch to it.

How we can help grow the NEAR ecosystem

⁃ After adding games developed on NEAR blockchain to our platform, we will be disposed to wide community of Web 2.0 eSports players who are already familiar to NEAR blockchain (by means of prize money in NEAR tokens)
⁃ We can work with any blockchain, thus NEAR based games can gain big flow of new users
⁃ Those game developers who want to create competitive games will choose NEAR Protocol as they can leverage advantages of partnership with us


Our Partner

What are we going to spend the Grant on

  • Integrate functionality required to monetize our operations and establish eSports players inflow into NEAR ecosystem
  • Develop a detailed concept of tournaments gamification

Claimed pool of work:

  1. Tournament smart contract security enhancements
  2. Perks as NFTs
  3. Additional tournament brackets
  4. Administration tool for adding new games
  5. GameFi bridge for non-blockchain users
  6. Further gamification concept development
  7. Tournaments holdings

Amount requested: 15,000 NEAR

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