[Proposal] New participant for burrito battle game

hello community :wave:t2:

As part of the DiR project in NEAR Hispano, burrito battle. We find it necessary to include a new participant in the team, Ulises → @kitachi5258 . He will help us in the design of scenarios and graphic resources of the NFT video game.
@kitachi5258 has previously supported us in the design of the first sketches of the burritos.

Our team is actually working in the integration of our rust contract with unity to build the game user interface/experience and Ulises is a key to achieve that goal.

To know about the project and the progress that the team is achieving we have a discord channel in NEAR Hispano server called #burrito-battle, inside the channel the team record daily update’s videos

Ulises’s work references


How will @kitachi5258 help us?

  • Stage design
  • Item design
  • Card design for burritos
  • Design of the graphic elements of the interfaces to be used in unity

Actual participants in burrito battle

  • Irving Yair Nava
  • Missael Lopez

@kitachi5258 is a great designer with knowledge about NEAR ecosystem that can take #burrito-battle to higher levels.

I’m excited about what will came out of him being in the team.