[Proposal] NEAR Protocol Crypto-Government Forum


My name is Thomas Ettorre IV, and as President of US Comp Supply Corp, Astro DAO is us-comp-supply-corp.sputnik-dao.near, I am leading the initiative to establish a first-of-its-kind forum dedicated to facilitating communication and collaboration between governments and the crypto community built on the NEAR Protocol. This proposal outlines the need for an advertising budget to effectively launch and promote this groundbreaking platform.

Understanding the Business: A Marketplace for Ideas

Imagine a bustling marketplace, but instead of goods, ideas and policies are exchanged. This forum will be similar, connecting governments seeking innovative solutions with the creativity and technical expertise of the NEAR crypto community. Here’s a breakdown of how it will operate:

  • Government Needs: Governments will post challenges or policy areas where they require input or solutions leveraging blockchain technology. Think of it as a government putting up a “help wanted” sign for crypto experts.
  • Community Response: Developers, entrepreneurs, and crypto enthusiasts within the NEAR ecosystem will propose solutions, engage in discussions, and collaborate on building these solutions. Imagine a team of tech-savvy citizens brainstorming ideas for a government project.
  • Selection & Implementation: The government will then evaluate proposals based on pre-defined criteria and select the most promising ones. Once chosen, the solutions will be implemented using NEAR’s secure and scalable blockchain platform. This is where the chosen ideas become reality and are integrated into government systems.

Sub-Departments: Keeping the Marketplace Running Smoothly

To ensure the forum functions efficiently, we’ll establish dedicated sub-departments:

  • Community Management: This team acts as the bridge between governments and the community, fostering communication and ensuring clear guidelines are followed.
  • Technical Review: A panel of experts will assess the technical feasibility and security of proposed solutions, guaranteeing the quality of delivered projects.
  • Marketing & Outreach: This department will play a crucial role in promoting the forum to both governments and the NEAR crypto community. This is where the advertising budget comes in.

The Advertising Budget: Fueling Growth

To attract a critical mass of users and achieve widespread adoption, we require a strategic advertising campaign. The budget will be allocated for:

  • Targeted Online Ads: Reaching government agencies and relevant crypto communities on online platforms they frequent.
  • Industry Events & Conferences: Establishing a presence at key events to showcase the forum’s potential and network with stakeholders.
  • Content Marketing: Creating informative articles, explainer videos, and case studies to educate the audience about the forum’s benefits.

Conclusion: A Win-Win Proposition

This Crypto-Government Forum on NEAR Protocol presents a win-win situation. Governments gain access to cutting-edge solutions and talent within the crypto space. The NEAR community benefits by collaborating with governments on real-world projects, fostering innovation and mainstream adoption of blockchain technology. By investing in the advertising budget, we’ll unlock the forum’s full potential, shaping the future of governance in the digital age.


  • This proposal can be further strengthened by including projected metrics for user growth, government participation, and successful project implementations.
  • Highlighting successful examples of blockchain adoption in government projects can demonstrate the forum’s value proposition.

By implementing this plan, we can create a vibrant forum that fosters collaboration and propels both the NEAR Protocol and the future of crypto-powered governance.

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