[Proposal] NEAR Hispano Instructor TiR

Hello community!

Project name: NEAR Hispano Instructor (Teacher in Residence)

My name is Isaac Klassen, and I’m requesting to join the Teacher in Residence fellowship program.

Objectives of the residence:

  • Participate as an Instructor for the NEAR Hispano and Africa communities and for the NEAR Ambassador program, for the NCD/A/P certifications.
  • Create new courses and redesign already existing ones to suit better with each community.
  • Create new material for new and already existing courses.
  • On boarding of new members for the communities and new prospects for residences.

Past experience within the NEAR Community:
During the last few months, I’ve been working with the NEAR Hispano team. I got certified as an instructor by @Cristian on March, and since then, I’ve had the chance to impart a couple different certifications.

My first NCA was at the end of March, from the 21st to the 25th (playlist). This was basically a test for me, to see if I was going to be able to impart these certification programs, and it actually went pretty well! Had a lot of engagement, most participants submitted their proposals and a lot of them got certified. It was a pretty good experience for me, and basically my start as a NEAR Certified Instructor.

The very next week, from March 28th to April 1st (playlist), I was given the chance to teach an NCD. This, had a lot of engagement as well, and I’m proud to say that almost all of the people that started the program actually submitted a proposal and got certified. Met some new folks and have been helping some of them ever since. Overall a good challenge for me and also a good experience.

Fast forward to April 25th (playlist), I got the chance to participate on another NCD, but this time for some Africa folks! I, being part of the NEAR Hispano community, have only been teaching in Spanish so far, however, for this NCD I had to teach it in English, which was a good challenge in and of itself, but the cultural background is so different, that I also had to adjust my mindset to be a bit more neutral, so that everyone was able to understand and actually learn! We got people from South Africa, Ghana, Kenya, and a lot of other places. This was such an awesome experience, and my favorite one so far!


  • Impart the NCD/NCP/NCA programs within the NEAR Hispano and NEAR Africa communities, and NEAR Ambassador program with @tuxcan
  • New material such as slides, videos and repositories for new and existing courses

You can find the document for my proposal here.