[PROPOSAL] Music NFT Buyout by BeatDAO | July-22

BeatDAO’s mission is to support music producers from all over the world, in order to do that we’d like to buy NFTs made by music producers from the NEAR ecosystem, available on Mintbase, Paras, and more marketplaces available on NEAR!

Report for the last buyout - [REPORT] Music NFTs Buyout by the BeatDAO | June-22

BeatDAO’s current NFT treasury:

Buyout timeline: Last weekend of July.
Requested amount: $500
Target: beat-dao.sputnik-dao.near

Hi @Paul, regarding the NFT Buyout, can you update with the amount of available treasury for buyout in BeatDAO right now? as the number of fund requested for June hasn’t been used in full (as per June Report)

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Hey @williamx unused funds are in BeatDAO treasury, as N price is low at the moment, we could not gather list of Music NFTs for $900, this is one of the reason why we’re requesting for lower amount this month, thank you!