[PROPOSAL] Minting poster for I Want my NFT launch on Mintbase

Gemini Rising & Vandal - geminirising.near & vandal.near - are applying for this.

We would like some funds to onboard new people to the NEAR ecosystem including the Mintbase ecosystem.

The poster will be given away for free at our launch party on May 13th 2021. But in order for people to get it, they need to have a NEAR wallet. We would like to help onboard them by gifting them a near name of their choice and perhaps give them a little bit of NEAR to get started. Out of those 100 posters we will be gifting the 45 people in the film first, plus creating a chosen near name for those who don’t already have a wallet.

We have already created a NEAR account for the film, called iwantmynft.near. We figure if we mint 100 posters and no one were to have a near wallet, we would possibly be making 100 new near names!

We would like 50-100 NEAR to pay for the making of the near names. Whatever NEAR is left, we will give to all newly onboarded people.

As soon as Mintbase is live we will be making an I Want my NFT store and minting the posters. The posters will be given away at our launch party on May 13th - time to be determined.


Thanks for the proposal @GeminiRising. We will get back to you with the next steps soon. We (the council) go through proposals on a weekly basis.


I am sorry we did not get to this in last week’s meeting. Will make a note to ensure we make a decision on this in the next meeting we have this week. @lenara / @caromintbase / @MoniBlockdiver


Ok thanks! Our launch party is on Thursday, but we don’t need to have it done by then, as we are putting out a guestbook for people to sign to be able to get their free poster. Looking forward to the launch of Mintbase!

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