[Proposal] METABOUNCE 002

After successfully completing the first event; We are thrilled to announce the second installation of the series, featuring two DJs from #jazzdao !


A monthly showcase event featuring 2 DJs from the djDAO community; each performing 30-40 minute guest sets. The event will be live-streamed to our Twitch channel and hosted on Cryptovoxels via The Playground. (Venue by #daorecords)
Marketing materials will be designed by pij.near.

DJs featured for this month are Jazz DAO veterans and long-time DJ DAO members; Ball of Wax and Karl Godard. The proposed time and date of the event is 24th August at 11PM EST.

August Budget:

The following are the costs associated to running METABOUNCE August 2022:

  • 2 Guest DJ sets @ $200 (x2) = $400
  • Venue rental & set up = $25
  • Marketing materials for various socials = $125
  • Livestream broadcasting & facilitation = $150
  • Event planning, artist onboarding and management = $500

Total Request: $1200 (234.38N)

Target: netuno.near

managed by:


Venue partner - @vandal