[PROPOSAL] Marketing and Community Outreach Grant Proposal from the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG)

This grant proposal from the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) is for a marketing and community outreach grant. As such, there is no equivalent roadmap as would be applicable for typical development grant proposals.

See generally: blockchainindustrygroup. org/linkedin-groups-promotions/

In the competitive realm of marketing and community outreach, your brand needs to stand out. Our network of 47 LinkedIn Groups, coupled with the Blockchain Industry Group (BIG), offers an extraordinary opportunity for your brand to gain prominence. With a combined group size exceeding 7.4 million members and engagement levels that set industry benchmarks, we provide a marketing capability unmatched by any other company or agency. The common ownership and link between our LinkedIn Groups and BIG enhance credibility and trust, offering a cohesive and reliable platform for your marketing needs.

Our top 15 LinkedIn Groups alone command an impressive total of over 6.7 million members. In just 30 days, these groups have engaged over 15.4 million active members, welcomed over 60,000 new members, and facilitated more than 138,000 posts, leading to a staggering 52.3 million post views. This level of activity is a testament to the vibrant, interactive community we’ve cultivated, offering your brand an exceptional platform for engagement.

This marketing and community outreach grant proposal is based on our extensive network’s reach to generate significant impressions, estimated at 2.65 million monthly, at a competitive CPM cost of $6.

See details: blockchainindustrygroup. org/linkedin-groups-promotions/

LinkedIn Group Pinned Postings and Recommendations

Featuring your company’s content in our regular newsletter-style postings across all 47 of our LinkedIn Groups for an entire month.

Bi-weekly (every other week) recommendations of the pinned posts across all groups to ensure continuous visibility and engagement among interested members.

Leveraging reliable insights directly from LinkedIn, such as data on Active Members, New Members, Posts, and Post Views, to optimize marketing strategies.

Includes Blockchain Industry Group (BIG) blog support and your company logo on the image of each group’s posting.

Experience partnering with major blockchains ecosystem entities such as the Solana Foundation, Aleo (ZPrize) and R3/Corda.

Total Grant Amount Requested: $15,000/Month

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