[Proposal] Launchment on mainnet of Culturas Latinas Marketplace

[Proposal] Launchment on mainnet of Culturas Latinas Marketplace

Project title: Culturas Latinas Marketplace

One-liner: Launchment on mainnet of Culturas Latinas Marketplace, an NFT marketplace using NEAR and Aurora networks.

Project DAO: NEAR Hispano SputnikDAO

Series: Launchment on mainnet of Developer in Residence DApps.

Project members

  • Cristian Zambrano - cristianzambrano.near
  • Jose Canales - joehank.near
  • Daniel Mora - dokxo.near
  • Alan Estrada - alan777.near

Payout request:

100 NEAR


NEAR requires new DApps that could be launched and used by their users on mainnet, taking advantage of the NEAR protocol.

Culturas Latinas have the advantage of using Aurora and NEAR protocol to allow having a bridge to the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Tasks to be done in order to be launched to mainnet:

  • Fix major errors on smart contracts.
  • Fix major errors on NFT navigation.
  • Fix major details in UX experience.
  • Mint smart contracts on mainnet.
  • Launch domain nativonft.app

Further steps:

In coming weeks, culturas latinas projects will be moved to a new concept that our team is designing called Nativo NFT, increasing features of Culturas Latinas to new capabilities and a total UI and brand design.