[Proposal] Kalakendra DAO - Host IRL in Chennai

Hey Community,

As Kalakendra DAO Recently Onboarding a Lot of artists, DAOs, and Projects in NEAR Protocol,

We would love to take this opportunity to Onboard More DAOs, NFT Projects, and Dapps in Chennai in collaboration with Madras DAO and Web3 Thamizha DAO.

IRL is a Real Source of Trust and Helps in Quicker understanding of NEAR and Helps onboard them into NEAR WEb3 Space.

KalakendraDAO Hosting IRL in India

Requested Funds: $1500

Venue : $400
Marketing and Promotion: $300
Onboarding through NearDrop : 1 x 50 = $185
NEAR and KalakendraDAO Swags : $400
Snacks and Refreshment: $200

The Expected target Audience is Artists, NFTs Project DAOs on Polygon and Solana, Web3 Hackers, Founders/CEOs, and web3 Enthusiast.


  1. 40+ members Onboarded
  2. Onboard Devs to NEAR
  3. Attract DAOs to Build on NEAR