Proposal Home Delivery

Alan Estrada - @cloudmex-alan
Cristian Zambrano - @Cristian

Project members
Cesar Coronel - ccoronel7.near
Angel Arevalo - dinoir.near
Herian Palencia - detextre4.near

Home Delivery


A decentralized application to manage a delivery service that can be used by any business interested in bringing its products to its customers’ homes using a contracted transport through the Daapp in order to guarantee: Certification of personnel assigned to the delivery service , payments to drivers in a decentralized manner when the order is released, businesses attached to the service


1. Control of businesses subscribed to the delivery application
2. Control of the carriers that offer the transport service
3. Assignment control of the delivery to the customer, which the merchant requests from the carrier
4. Collection from the customer for the delivery service with their Wallet NEAR
5. Automatic payments to the driver who executes the transport once the client confirms that the order was served on time and correctly

Why this project

At present, the consumer as a client has adopted the online shopping service with a request for home delivery of their orders as a common option for their purchases. We have lived in the world for two years of a pandemic that accelerated the adoption of this methodology and it has remained part of our usual options for the purchases we need to make.

This application would give the opportunity to small merchants and enterprising drivers to join forces to offer a safe service, which manages in a decentralized and correct way the administration of the collection and payment of the service.

This application would increase the adoption of NEAR Protocol as a payment currency with cryptocurrency


Great idea guys,

excited to see this delivery service working on Web 3.0 :cowboy_hat_face:


Sounds good, excellent proposal… :star_struck:


Success Cesar, Angel and Herian excellent initiative :100:


Excellent project leaders

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