[PROPOSAL] Family DAO Project Funding (march)

Thank You so much king @jlwaugh

It’s sustainability would be based on The continuous interview with families hence there would be expansion of team for more penetration and reaching out to the families The main target will majorly be the elites and this people are definitely technologically inclined and investment savvy. As long as the near foundation continues The elites reached out to from the Family DAO would in turn expand because Its gonna be like somewhat a Chain reaction which starts from the 4man team as we bring in more people in the team learned and savvy to handle each family or categories of family after we have done our sourcing and analysis on them
There would be the main team and a drop down of “team members” who do the monitoring and making sure each family is always abreast of all that concerns the near blockchain.


thank you so much @jlwaugh

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thank you so much @jlwaugh we appreciate!

Poll created on AstroDAO now


and our members are joining the telegram chat already. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :sparkling_heart:

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Hi @bgem, since your proposal has moved to #community:dao, here are some of my thoughts:

This is sweet, but it is not a compelling purpose to spend money on the minor to get a chance to onboard them. We invest in talents/potential projects/marketing campaigns to attract people with interests & share the same vision. My questions:

  • Families may need support in terms of money, but what do they do after being onboarded?

This requires further resources, including people, money & time, which is not mentioned in the current proposal => Because you claimed this is not charity work, we definitely have to consider is it worth spending.

For me, it is not a nice thing to get their secrets to be minted as NFT and be commercialized. Let alone who is your target audience to sell those NFT? Also, the chance of their NFT being bought by someone is not guaranteed.

It’s a no from me at the being time due to the following reasons:

  1. Metrics to measures success is not clear
  2. Since this is not charity work, the amount requested is not aligned with the outcome.

Since your target is poor families, providing them with enough knowledge & skills to understand & engage with the Near ecosystem (onboarding them) is not a practical purpose of this sole proposal.


[quote="[Proposal] Transportation To Families Resident (march), post:1, topic:15930"]
Transportation of myself, @EVELYN @bgem and @sterryo to each families resident and back to various councils home budget for the month of march.

Good morning, looks like can be included in here

What do you mean “DAO moderating”? and “social media management”? Do you have a links ? Thank You

[quote="[PROPOSAL] Family DAO Family Visiting Project March, post:1, topic:15928"]
For every month, We tend to visit 4 different families to carry out all the activities mentioned In the Introduction to the Family DAO F

How the family will be chosen?

[quote="[Proposal] Interview Coverage for Family Visiting (Month of March), post:1, topic:15929"]
Hiring of videographer for Family DAO interview coverage.

Where the videos will be posted? What the value for Near Community?

Have a great day!

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Agree with all you said Williamx

Thanks for point this out:

And I am also confused, I read elites instead of the poor families…

Also, I have done charity and share part of altruism initiatives, and never asked anything in return, I mean… I know people need money to do things, but the ones who should start with those initiatives are the ones that have free time and already cover their own needs, it is like starting entrepreneurship, also entrepreneurs can be focused on money but they bring value to society, so the money generated is made to be able to produce the goods that the society needs… So at the end of the day, we are all here to create value, sustainable value.

I said this because the idea of building on the web3 is to create opportunities, for example there is charity dapp going to be live on mainnet soon, called 4myFuture, the idea is students can post their needs and receive help or funding using the dapp, like crowdfunding.


This is great, Near community up we go.

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