[PROPOSAL] Digital Fashion in Near Ecosystem, a monthly vodcast Series from Near DigitalFashion Dao

After the last workshop by our Dao, one of the post challenges we had is how to still engage our new onboarded NEARians with some activities and create more room for them to learn more about Near Ecosystem and as well digital fashion.

So in order to still keep our community engaged and enlightened, DIGITAL FASHION IN NEAR ECOSYSTEM VODCAST SERIES is introduced.

Digital Fashion in Near Ecosystem vodcast series is a visual monthly series that will be premiered on our YouTube channel and on our other social media platforms to educate and sensitize digital fashion designers, digital/NFT artists about Near and it Ecosystem, the future of Digital Fashion designers and NFT artists in Near Ecosystem/community. It will be an interactive vodcast with Digital fashion designers, NFT/digital artists and Near Community members. Discussing the impacts of Near Protocol on Digital/NFT artists, Digital Fashion designers and in Web3 Ecosystem at large. Analyzing the NFT market places under Near blockchain like Mintbase, the Paras and the uses of other DApps. That’s includes how they can optimize these DApps places and their side benefits.


  • To engage and educate our audience on the Web3 and it Ecosystem
  • Means of reaching out to a wide range of crypto users and web3 enthusiasts.
  • Means of onboarding experience Digital Fashion designers and craft makers into the NEAR Ecosystem.

Project schedule: April, may and June 2023

Cost of Production:

  • Vodcast documentary & Sound - $150 per month(April, may and June) = $450

  • Guest work for 2 Speakers ($50 each) - $100 per month (April, may and June) $300

TOTAL - $750

Targeted Wallet : Styleherbalist.near

Cc. @creativesdao-council