[PROPOSAL] Development of GamePlace platform with a launchpad for independent game developers

GamePlace by ZomboDucks project consists of three main blocks:

  1. GamePlace – gaming platform on NEAR ecosystem with a launchpad for independent game developers
  2. Duck Fighters – first play-to-earn game (PvP fighter) on the platform developed by our team
  3. ZomboDucks NFTs – a collection of 1,555 unique NFTs, which will grant an access to the gaming platform
    The core project is building on the NEAR Protocol with the potential to add support of AURORA.

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Pitch Deck - DocSend

Technical Development Overview - Miro | Online Whiteboard for Visual Collaboration

Benefits for NEAR ecosystem :slightly_smiling_face: :
GamePlace gaming platform is aimed to become easy-to-use tool both for players and independent game developers. Via implementing play-to-earn games we hope to increase the loyalty of existing users to the NEAR ecosystem, as well as to attract new masses of people who are not familiar with crypto gaming from other markets. The implementation of launchpad for developers is aimed to attract traditional game developers to the crypto world as well and help them integrate their products.

We believe, that gaming industry on NEAR is now at an early stage of development and self-knowledge, therefore it is especially important to increase the recognition of the NEAR ecosystem among game developers and create comfortable conditions for their attraction.

GamePlace: gaming platform
P2E and GameFi platform based on NEAR protocol, which will aggregate different games made by us and our partners. NFT is going to be the essential part of every game and the way how we are going to build a great product. A distinctive feature is the integration of the launchpad with all types of support (technical and marketing) for independent game developers

1. Developer problem
The main problems faced by game developers who want to integrate their product into the blockchain:

  • Lack of awareness of blockchain technology and widespread misunderstanding of how it works. The situation is complicated by the lack of educational materials on this topic, and the lack of specialists
  • Lack of marketing expertise used on a particular market, ignorance of promotion tools
  • Ignorance of the NFT market, ways to create and generate images, search for a designer and related components

2. Solution
The main goal is to create not only gaming platform, but also creating a universal tool for game developers providing:

  • Full technical support, including deploying games into blockchain
  • Smart contract development
  • Open API and SDK
  • Additional revenue streams and supportive marketing campaign

3. Platform economic component:

  • 10% of winner’s reward will be held as a commission of the game platform.
  • 50% from commission will be distributed among ZomboDucks NFT holders, the rest goes to Treasury.
  • 90% percentage commission from the game developed by an independent developer goes directly them
    Commission rates are flexible and subject to change via ZomboDucks DAO. The access is granted via holding ZomboDucks NFTs.

4. Platform development roadmap:
Phase 1: May 2022

  • Presentation of WhitePaper
  • Beta version of the platform
  • Start of active phase of marketing campaign
    Phase 2: June 2022
  • Onboard new game developers
  • Launch of new partnered games
  • In-game assets decentralized marketplace launch
    Phase 3: July 2022
  • Direct in-game API integration
  • Start of Seed / Private Round
  • Moving to multi-chain by adding an Aurora support
    Phase 4: August 2022
  • Launch of the governance forum and voting mechanism
  • Launch of a mobile-app
    Phase 5: September 2022
  • Onboarding 30 games in total and TGE
  • Aurora support
  • In-game assets decentralized marketplace launch

Duck Fighters: the first P2E game on the platform

Gaming mode: The player is given the opportunity to hit three parts of the opponent’s Duck NFT card: head, torso and legs. The opposing player does not know where the hit will be and will choose which part to defend. The winner will be the one who guessed as much as possible where the blow will be struck and delivered successful blows to the opponent.

Reward: The reward is awarded for each game played, while periodically there will be tournaments with a prize pool, where the pot is taken by the people with the most wins over a certain period.

Making a bet: The player makes a bet and enters the waiting room to find an opponent who will accept his bet. As soon as the opponent accepts the bet, the game begins. If the opponent could not be found for a long time, the person will have the opportunity to play with the bot or leave the room and make a lower bet.

ZomboDucks NFTs: an opportunity for holders

Collect: Mint or hatch NFT ZomboDucks to create a collection. Mix and match through breeding and capitalize on your NFTs rarity
Play: Play games on the platform against a rival, win and increase the level to get additional rewards
Earn: Earn by winning and owning NFTs (gives holders an opportunity to receive 50% commission earned by the platform)


  • Lev – project lead with an experience of building GameFi project on Waves Blockchain and a series of tech startups in EduTech before moving to Web 3.0, previous successful exit to a strategic investor.
  • Antony – core developer and CTO with previous experience as an engineer in a leading ETH project - Uniswap. Solidity, Rust, WebAssembly deep expert.
  • Mari – marketing and promo lead, former MetaNFT executive with experience launching NFT projects on BSC and Solana Blockchains.
  • Alex – lead game designer including UI/UX component. Former Playrix developer and true Web 3.0 believer.
  • Vlad – strategic advisor and in charge of fundraising and financials. Former McKinsey consultant, currently a growth stage VC associate and an angel investor.
  • Plus 1 UI/UX designer, 1 Front end, 2 community managers and hiring more.


Current monthly burn rate - $15,000. Highly need to increase to $30,000 monthly to accomplish project goals and follow the roadmap in 6 months.

Grant request: 20,000 NEAR

Monthly burn rate:

  • DevOps 1x – 3000$
  • Frontend 1x - 4000$
  • Backend 1x - 3000$
  • Marketing team - 5,000$
  • Core team total hours allocated 5,000 - total cost $250,000

Additional info about the platform


Hello, You can connect with Project Ops from Concierge team for better support to launch your project on NEAR Blockchain, Feel free to DM any of them @Kemal @FritzWorm @HaiVu @LarryLang