[Proposal] D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO) budget, May 2022

In the first months we are planning offline meetings in cafes, because it is easier to attract people there. they will mainly focus on more individual work with artists and influencers from their inner circle.

During these first meetings, we will test our training materials and better understand what opportunities artists are interested in at the initial stage.

details here:

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How much is ‘some N’? Transactions on Near are cheap.

Very ambitious and not real.
Let’s make the small steps.
How many events (and what events) do you plan? How many new users do you expect to onboard?
I understand that is a hard question, but we need to have an understanding. We will need the report and we will need to compare the plan and result.

@johanga , you are not new, you are the advisor for this dao (as I understand), and I think you know about it.

If you subscribed to RU-community, probably you know that there was a contest for creating educational and tutorial content about Near and Aurora Ecosystem. I think the most of content you can find. You don’t need funding to start social media channels. Also, creating plan is not time expensive job.

Probably individual meeting will have more impact, but they are not effective at the start. You can spend much time and efforts and get many rejections.
I think it better to invite them all together, talk about Near and then choose the individuals who will be interested in it and provide an onboarding process for them.

I support your idea and enthusiasm for onboarding new people and create strong “Хай жыве Беларусь” community, but I would like to see a clear plan and steps (events, activities, growth).

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i meant 0.2N = for activation + transactions fees
with nearnames.com so we’ll have a stats

very much real. in past i’ve organized festivals in Belarus with 1500-3000 attendants, and the team is also in context. we definately understand the potential/capacity of the project.
until i’m busy for some hours, want to share Introduction with you.
if more questions will appear to you , please leave it here as well, i’ll be back with as much clarifying replies as possible