[Proposal] Creating educational materials as NFT by D-LAYER (United Belarus DAO)

Project members:

Funding: once
target: jull_gull_art.near
Total Requested Funding Amount in USD: 660

Before we could open active onboarding of Belarusian artists, first we decide to prepare art-tutorials for them to make the process more easy and mostly distant.
Then video-reviews on every art-tutorial will be recorded and minted as NFTs on Mintbase and Paras both with the price 0.001N, 500 copies, in description we put the link on full version of the educational material. Every new onboarded artist will receive these NFTs 1 copy each to their NEAR wallet. Anyone can “buy” it from the D-layer mintbase store for 0.001N

During the first month 3 art-tutorials will be produced:

  1. presentation for artists and musicians about “What opportunities NEAR Protocol opens for creative people. The advantages of Mintbase, Paras and other marketplaces on NEAR”.
  2. educational presentation “What is the best way to create the title and description of your NFT”
  3. educational presentation “The most common mistakes in producing NFT-collections”
  4. 3 NFTs minted on Mintbase (1 NFT from 1 presentation) and 3 NFTs on Paras in “D-layer art-tutorials” collection.

These materials will be in Russian language in the beginning.

Funding details:

  • development of the content for 3 presentations - 70*3 = 210 usd
  • creating design for 3 presentations - 50*3 = 150 usd
  • meeting overheads = 100*3 = 300 usd
    Total : 660 USD



Could please explain what it means ‘meeting overheads’ (I mean how it differs from creating content and design)?
Also, Where are you from?

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Нello, thanks for the question)


  • social media promotion
  • photographer for event report
  • a minimum order of drinks in a cafe or renting a room in a coworking space.

In Minsk , it is not customary to work in coffee houses, especially in the evening, when the establishment receives the bulk of the profits and many owners require a deposit for a table.

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