[proposal] cubashots - general proposal

After a very successful pilot episode and two new episodes that have been produced in recent weeks and will be published throughout April, we feel it is time to announce that we will be seeking funds to follow up on this beautiful project.

With the intention of building a season of consistent episodes capable of reaching galleries and museums out of the ecosystem, we will again be gathering funds between CUDO and Incubator to produce a new CUBASHOT in April.

To this end CUDO will collaborate with $600 from our fund.

Feel free to follow us on our Instagram and YouTube.



What a beautiful project, looking forward to new episodes :dizzy:


very proud of this team and collaboration :blush:
I think we are going to rock with all of this!


love u guys!

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Esse projeto é maravigold!!!


:heart: :heart: :heart:

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Hey everyone,

I really think we should start looking for commercial partners on this. I propose that we add an extra 100$ to the budget to pay the production team so that they can contact

  • museums
  • cultural associations
  • city halls and mayorships
  • etc

so that we start showcasing the videos on more platforms than youtube.


Sounds the perfect next step for this project. We’ll reserve the same on our budget to try do it possible. =)

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@williamx @hevertonharieno


Tagging heverton because this is a joint project between Incubadora and Cudo.
Tagging William to provide more info about this project for the on-going monthly proposals.

Changed the topic description to include all videos produced (this was a topic for the April Proposal). Team, @JulianaM @talitafflima @herikalcn any info regarding this project is to be added here.

Videos produced so far:

#1 Manu Romeiro, Launched
#2 Tiago Rocha Costa, Launched
#3 Jéssica Burrinha, Launched
#4 Francisco Lourenço, Launched
#5 Henrique Neves, Launched
#6 Veridiana Leite, Launched
#7 (PV Dias, not visible, will be launched soon)
#8 (Luan Okun, not visible, will be launched soon)

For the september proposal :point_right: :point_right:
#9 Catarina Lopes Vicente, In Production. Social media: https://instagram.com/catarina.lopes.vicente?igshid=YmMyMTA2M2Y=


Hi @frnvpr, perfect, much more clear imo! Thank you very much!