[PROPOSAL] Create video content in Vietnamese for Marma J DAO

Create video content in Vietnamese - Post it on youtube to attract the attention of the Vietnamese market for Marma J DAO

As you all know, Vietnam market is the world’s most dynamic and developed market for digital currency: Finder's Poll Shows Vietnam Holds the Highest Percentage of Crypto Ownership Worldwide – Featured Bitcoin News

This proposal follows the stated bounty: [Bounty] Blog / Video Content Creation - marmaj x NEAR - 10 marmaj tokens

Inspired by: [APPROVED] Content Creation (video) - Chloe Lewis: Marma J DAO Live .Thanks @chloe

I will create video content in Vietnamese Post it on youtube to attract the attention of Vietnam market for Marma J DAO (Crypto Hero - YouTube)

This is my recommendation, if approved then the payment amount will be summed up and paid at the end of the month. Thanks!

My nearname : trendheo.near


Can you please add your near account to the proposal?

Also, this link is not properly added:

As for this part:

The payout amount for this specific bounty is for 10 $marmaj tokens per approved video that get added to the Marma J Youtube Channel. You are free to create as much content as you wish, but I would suggest creating one video first. That way, the Marma J DAO council can evaluate the content to see if it fits the theme for the current youtube channel. (Since no one on the DAO speaks Vietnamese it will be difficult for us to evaluate the videos in my opinion and therefore they may not be appropriate for the official Marma J Youtube Channel)

If you would like to submit a general proposal to create marmaj community-themed content, please feel free to do that as well. That would allow you to recieve funding for uploading content to your own youtube channel as stated here:


Thanks for your feedback, I have edited my post. I will make a video first and post it on youtube channel. I will post it here for review, thank you!


You’re very welcome, we are looking forward to seeing your content! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: