[Proposal] Aurora dust - tap social game 📱

Aurora dust



Clicker game in Telegram. Collect space dust, convert it to on-chain dust tokens. Invite friends, improve upgrades, tap, tap and tap

How clicker help grow community

Clicker social mechanics help grow community by rewarding users for their engagement with tasks, competitions and shares. This encourages users to interact with each other and foster a sense of belonging within the community

Early design

Coins drop from top or generated in air by tap. UI structure close to another clickers. Background and vacuum cleaner skins can be changed

Similar projects

Notcoin 25M players, 6.2M in Telegram channel and 1.7M in Twitter
HERE Wallet 3.5M players, 1.2M in Telegram channel and 0.6M in Twitter
clickARBUZ 0.6M Users, 0.3M in Telegram channel and 0.04M in Twitter

Why it is important

The audience for blockchain is important. A clicker is a good way to attract a large number of people to the blockchain through a game

Unique game mechanics

  • Dust - collect dust that can be converted into real tokens
  • Click - Clicking in the middle of the game has little effect on the number of coins, so your finger will not get tired, you can only occasionally enter the game to collect dust from the bag



All chats related to NEAR and Aurora Network, as well as friendly chats


The audience coverage is wide, so support for several languages is planned. Initially English and Russian, the rest in order of popularity among the audience


Creating an application that will bring at least 100K users to the application

Public statistics

To track statistics, the dashboard in Grafana will be publicly available

Private data

The community and communication with them is an important part of the project. Core Aurora developers will have access to a special GraphQL API and GraphiQL interface for interacting with the API to obtain information about the community

Tech stack

  • Bot and API - TypeScript, GraphQL, GraphiQL, Redis, MongoDB
  • Web App - TypeScript, React, MUI, MOBX
  • Monitoring - VictoriaMetrics, Loki, Tempo, Grafana
  • Servers - VPS, Ubuntu, S3 for backups, NGINX, Traefik and a lot of bash
  • Design and Art - Figma, Neural Networks like ChatGPT and Fusionbrain


MVP development started


Ivan Kotelnikov

Experience: developer relations in Everscale network and Mina Foundation

Nikita Grigoryev

10+ years development with experience in gamedev. I was one of Megapolis and Wild West developer and do many less popular projects. I consider this a full-time or, as is the case with startups, a all-time project

Expand team

Not reuired at early stage. But experience managing a small team of three people allows me to feel what to do if the project starts to grow fast


  • Early version
    • Minimum version of the application - you can play, collect coins, buy boosts
    • Boost system - enough coins, fun to play
    • Social mechanics - sharing, inviting friends, referrals
    • Marketing activities in own group among early adopters
  • Full version
    • Tasks for receiving coins - subscriptions, adding to groups
    • Complex social mechanics - groups
    • Rating
    • Skins
    • First external marketing activities
  • Contests and promotion
    • Work with influences
    • Contests
    • Tasks for receiving coins by interacting with other projects - NFT minting, registrations, etc.
    • Integration with Aurora PASS
  • Token
    • Release of onchain token
    • DEX integration
    • Listing

What type of support is needed


Our goal is to utilize the marketing expertise and community-building abilities of Aurora Labs to increase our presence in the blockchain gaming industry. By tapping into their established networks, we aim to attract and keep players, ultimately expanding our user base

Integration with projects

The Aurora team can help us communicate and integrate with projects by providing clear and consistent communication throughout the entire process. They can keep all team members informed about project updates, deadlines and expectations, helping to ensure that everyone is on the same page


$5,000 monthly on “Early version” and “Full version” stages for development
Wallet: nkgreeg-hot.tg


  • Early version - 100% development
  • Full version - 80% development and 20% marketing
  • Contests and promotion - 70% marketing minimum
  • Token - N/A. Ready to say after previous steps

Unexpected expenses

Since the game involves a larger number of online users, quite powerful servers may be required at any time. This is a good problem. I will hold back some of the grant if there is a sudden need to buy more capacity, but I think it is fair to ask for the grant to cover these costs if necessary


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