[proposal] Art exhibition and community health outreach in Dawaki/Gwarimpa area of Abuja Nigeria for the month of July 2022

Greetings Fam and A Happy new month to us all and congratulations to the United States :us: For their Independence day celebration, and may I also use this opportunity to sympathize with the USA over the inhuman act carried out on the protesters of 4th July 2022.
May their souls Rest In Peace.

I remain my humble self Chukwu Nduka Samson (Sammiee) Current discord moderator for the NXM, Council member of the CAPITAL GUILD, Community relational officer of the Near NFT week, and a member of several other communities.

Two months ago i onboarded some photographers and videographers who recorded my art project [REPORT] Capital guild May 2022 Creative art, Sculpture,painting and pencil art

And same team together with more onboarded videographers shot the just concluded creative dance project [REPORT] June 2022 Artistic dance performance, solo and group dancers

The above projects following the road map for guilds self sustainability gave birth to the project for an exhibition which will be held in the physical where our target guest will be art collectors, investors, potential Partners and lovers of pictures and paintings as all of it will be displayed on the date of this exhibition slated for the 23rd of July, with target attendance of over 30 collectors and investors and community members too.
The exhibition will play host to arts that have been created and minted in the Capital guild Mintbase store, as they will be displayed and barcodes to the capital guild Mintbase store will be attached to each art so as to record its sales once collected, we will also make frames of more photographs and art to be displayed also on the day of the exhibition as we will be working closely with @osyphotos and @Emmanueluseh on this project where their rear photos will be displayed too.

This project will also be hosted in a gallery in the cryptovoxels which we will be renting that of C1 guild for this project and all arts that will be displayed in the physical will be made available and displayed also in the C1 gallery in cryptovoxels so as to also have web3 collectors attend the exhibition in the Metaverse also on the same day and same time, with the intention to showcase our art collections and have these NFTs collected.
On this project we will be onboarding collectors, investors and lovers of art who will be attending and also using the opportunity to target more creatives.

We will on the 22nd of July embark on a Health outreach to a rural community in Dawaki/Gwarimpa village area of Abuja,
On this project we have contacted a team of 6 doctors who have carefully carried out a survey of drugs for the following health issues:
1: malaria
2: hypertension
3: Diabetics

We will be going into the community with professional doctors and medical team who will handle everything medically related and running tests, issuing results and medications to assist people living with the above mentioned health conditions,
We have carefully met and discussed with the doctors and have the understanding of the equipments and drugs that will be used for this outreach.

Anti malaria drugs
Anti hypertensive
Other consumables

RDT (malaria test strips)
Latex gloves
Spirit 2L
Digital thermometer

health workers.

The outreach is a means to further make our presence and our vision stamped in the Federal Capital of Nigeria (Abuja) where our Guild is situated and by this we will be sensitizing the community and our web3 capital guild members about the importance of health while speaking and showing the mission of Web3, NEAR and NFTs,
During this project the capital guild banner carrying the Near Logo and logos of many communities will be displayed

Photographs will be taken and minted in the capital guild mintbase store, and we will also have video clips taken which will be posted on all our social media platforms, as Promotions and adverts will be made using these channels.

On this outreach we are targeting 50-90 people as we will be working with the community head and we will also be using the outreach as an onboarding opportunity to educate people about the NEAR Ecosystem and we will also be Onboarding the Doctors and health workers.

Metrics for success:

  • Showcasing NFTs to web2 art collectors
  • Showcasing Capital guild NFTs to the web3 community in the Metavers
  • Onboarding over 15 collectors into Capital guild
  • partnering with photographers to showcase Artistry
  • giving health care to At least 50 people in abuja
  • Onboarding Doctors and health workers into the Near Ecosystem
  • Creating Medical NFTs
  • Sensitizing communities about the importance of health and the power of Web3 in our today world and it’s future
  • A start to saving lives
  • creating and activating Near wallets for collectors/investors/partners and new creatives

Should there be any questions we will be happy to respond.


Physical Exhibition Venue/refreshments: $300
Cryptovoxels gallery: $100
Framing of Arts: $180
Renting public address system: $15
Logistics: $80
Team bounty: $50 each x4= $200
Doctors bounty: $65 each x6 = $390
Equipments and drugs: $235

Total: $1500

Target: sammiee.near

Cc. @ELKHUSH @Royaltyjoy


This idea is actually a good one.

Great one, looking forward to this

I can’t wait to do this again with you all

Lots of brilliant plans and projects for July, looking forward to this. :fire::fire::fire:

Hey, seems like the calculation for the budget isn’t adding up for me, can you clarify?

= 1635$

Thank you so much for noticing, during the discussion with the team I took down notes and mistakenly noted the drinks and chops for the team twice,
As it was later reviewed that the Physical venue will make provisions for the refreshments

I will make the corrections immediately
Thanks for the kind notice

@ted.iv corrections have been made and I am still available for any further clarifications