[PROPOSAL] A Day Reggae-NearCon Featuring Music and Onboarding

The Near Protocol has witnessed immense change and progress in the last 5 months and in the same vein we at ReggaeDAO are proposing to carry out these activities.

A Day Reggae –NearCon Featuring Music and Onboarding.

In the past we have tried to base our activities on the growth of our online communities through musical bounties, real life events both in Nigeria and Cameroun and in – DAO Quizzes, which has led to the growth of the community and so, I propose to initiate another activity which is going to be for a day and below is the detail.

Name of Activity: A Day Reggae – Con Featuring Music and Onboarding.
Venue: Ibadan, Nigeria.
Proposed Month: April, 2023.
Expected Number of Participants: 200.

Reggae is a music and also a tool for passing messages across to all music loving people. Reggae – NearCon is a conference based on Reggae music and its constituents and its going to be the first real life conference that would have all reggae lovers and music lovers both from the ecosystem and in real life converge and meet face to face.

The essence of this is to:
a. Discuss various issues affecting the development of reggae music in the world and how the Near Ecosystem is addressing these issues
b. The impact of reggae music in the world and the Near Ecosystem’s contribution to that
c. Ways by which we can bring in more people in to the ecosystem and make them active through reggae music
d. Encourage more participation of people through creation of wallets and participation in bounties

In all of the ecosystem, ReggaeDao is the only DAO catering for the Caribbean parts of the world or to be precise, the Patois Speaking Populace of the World and we intend to intensify the efforts to expand the Near Ecosystem into those parts of the world by engaging them through their common language of Patois to enable better understanding and to facilitate growth of the community.

The success of above can only lead to one thing: increased participation of the target people.

Structure of the Event
i. There would be a speaker chosen by the council members and this speaker is a Reggae Radio Presenter who is well versed in Patois and whose job is to:
a. Address the previously highlighted topics
b. Use the language to endear more people to the ecosystem
c. Broadcast the event and create awareness on the radio station
ii. There would be a bounty for the participants. Each can win some tokens after we have successfully created Near Wallets for them at the event as this would encourage them and facilitate trust in the ecosystem. The Bounty will be based on their knowledge of the ecosystem, which they have just been taught.
iii. There would be a musical presentation by a popular musical artiste and thereafter he will be onboarded for further use

Profile of the Radio Presenter (Speaker)
Lord Kenny – Splash FM Nigeria

Lord Kenny in the Studio

Lord Kenny on Facebook

Lord Kenny has been hosting reggae radio programs for more than 10years and he has more than 50,000 weekly listeners and also, he has been onboarded already since last year and he knows what the Near Ecosystem is, therefore he is considered as a prime candidate to speak on this event.

Profile of Artiste (BCleanFrench)

Onboarding of 200people
Creation of 200 Wallets
Minting of Event Pictures and Videos on Mintbase

Venue: 200usd
Speaker: 100usd
Dj and Sound: 200usd
Refreshment: 200usd
Video Coverage and Production: 350usd
Bounty: 200usd (40 participants will share 5usd each)
Graphics and banners: 150usd
1 Popular Reggae Artiste to perform: 200usd
Total Money Requested: 1600usd
Wallet: reggaedao.near

My Role as a Council Member
As a council member, I am the organizer and facilitator and the following are my duties
a. Logistics
This involves moving from one place to the other, making inquiries and paying those involved parties through AstroDAO.
b. PR.
This involves reaching out and creating awareness through our social media accounts and facilitating smooth communication amongst the involved parties
c. Onboarding and Wallets
It is my job to onboard everybody present at this event and also create near wallets for them.

Thank you

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