OWS Contributors from Near Venezuela

Greetings NEAR and OWS Community

Based on the last update regarding the collaboration of contributors with OWS:

From NEAR VENEZUELA GUILD we want to send you the following determination by our guild to notify the continuity of the collaborations and valuable contributions that have been developed by members of our guild and that has been making throughout the table of tasks that OWS considers for the growth of our guild and the ecosystem.


@LuisAponte99: content creator + translations + Near Venezuela Guild leader. Specialist in geopolitics, RRII, finance, security and defense issues

@Nicolasp2: content creator + responsible for the Twitter of Near Venezuela. Specialist in education issues, RRSS, digital marketing, academia and negotiation

Gaston Wagner: content creator + translator. Specialist in engineering, finance, financial solutions, foreign exchange

Antonio Pescanio: content creator. Specialist in legal, law, criminal, administrative, legislative issues.

@yehosua.near: designer (designs, infographics, video editing)

Aleida Castillo: translations. Translation specialist with more than 20 years of experience mastering languages such as English and French

Nicole Rodriguez: designer, content creator and translations

@Franciscogonzalezn: Advisor on educational projects, outreach leader, organizer of meetings with authorities and university professors, content creator

@FritzWorm: Founder of Near Venezuela + content creator. Specialist in project development and management, blockchain, trading, finance, macroeconomics, business development, entrepreneurship.

Andrea Bedoya: content creator + translation. Specialist in social work issues, scope of social organizations, involvement of social factors.

Maiker: Designer + Edition. Specialist in sketches, illustration, 3D, video editing, templates, etc.

Jonnathan Franco: Project Coordinator of the Near Venezuela projects (Palmeros + Cryptobeer) + Content Creator. Specialists in topics such as the Middle East, Social Projects, Cultural Activities, etc.

My self: outreach leader, Community Manager in charge of telegram channel of Near Venezuela, Twitter of Near Valencia. Specialist in politics, society, community, leadership, etc.

We give to the content creation task/activities a lot of importance as we onboard nearcomers through these activities. Also, in order to spread the information about NEAR, his protocol and the tools that NEAR develop to strength and power the community, we use the content creation task + translations to empower those information of value that needs to be spread properly and powerfully, for outreach and as an important key for the NEAR-ES Wiki we are creating inside our Guild Activities.

We have a lot of impact into the Venezuelan blockchain community as we have involved and invited a lot of people to know about what NEAR is. That was possible due to the execution of our projects (Palmeros + Cryptobeer) and our daily and mainly activities. Soon we will expand our scope of influence and onboarding due to the next upcoming projects (NEARMUN + NEAR Magic + NEAR P2P and others).

That’s why we have at our availability more than +400 persons able and willing to collaborate for us following the guidance of the leaders and mainly contributors above.

That’s why the tasks and activities previously commented have a lot of importance to us and we will notice that they have a lot of importance to the Near community in question.


Dear @Arturoahs,

I appreciate you sharing this with us, it is really valuable to have this feedback! Thank you:)

I understand that the members of NEAR VENEZUELA GUILD have been doing an amazing job leveraging Rolling Opps of OWS so far and that a lot of people got onboarded through these activities. Our intention was under no circumstances to hinder that process. In fact, closing rolling opps in the form it existed so far will allow more people like you to speak up and show us the need in having these tasks paid by OWS even more (but on a project-base - meaning we will plan how many people need to work on certain content and what that content should be like to ensure it is relevant for the ecosystem at a given moment). Additionally, it will allow OWS Team also to focus more on how we can give even more visibility to the content created by your Guild (or any other ) because when we frame this in the context of a “project”, it will mean that we will have a better vision on WHO are the most active contributors in your guild, WHAT they are working on in a current month and HOW we can make they work helps to “swarm” NEAR projects that need it most.

Not even mentioning that we will have more time to mentor people if needed and help with with resources when needed.

That being said, I believe @FritzWorm is being busy with planning in an AMA for OWS and all the guild leaders who need support related to the Rolling Opps tasks. I would just say feel free to ping me anytime soon and I will be glad to have a call to discuss the details of this more finetuned collaboration:)


Hi @Arturoahs

Thanks for this post that include everyone in Near Venezuela and beyond. Please, remember to tag the following contributors:
@AndreaB794 - Andrea Bedoya
@Jonathanfranco99 - Jonathan Franco
@Maiker - Maiker Ortega
@Alecaseg - Aleida Castillo
@Nicoleadames - Nicole Rodriguez
@Gastonromano - Gaston Romano
@antoniopeascanio - Antonio Ascanio

Luis Aponte