[Open Call] Marketing DAO Advisors

im good on NF internships thank you


Hey everyone,

Apologies for the slightly late application - it’s been a hectic week with everything at Consensus. Hero here, I’m currently working at a small tech start-up named NEARWEEK - maybe someone has heard the name fly by in passing.

I would be interested to join the advisory board. However, I’m afraid I won’t be able to go completely pro-bono like Pres Shot here. Maybe one day - that’s the dream.

Background: editor-in-chief, NEARWEEK

  • Spearhead NEAR editorial content bounty DAO (end-to-end)
  • Manage Official NEAR ecosystem newsletter
  • Be a voice for the smallest start-ups and major players in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Cover all ecosystem projects / founders / builders in a fair and unbiased way
  • Helm the development of public goods in the NEAR ecosystem
  • Familiarise myself with the needs and desires of the NEAR Community
  • Product development at heroes.build
  • Cement NEAR bOS as a full stack Open Web solution, drawing liquidity and builders from external Web3 communities into the NEAR ecosystem

My motivations

  • Created an account today just to apply - I think most of the NEAR community tries to stay clear from the toxicity that goes on in these forums. That said, I feel this open call offers a solid opportunity for a fresh start when it comes to funding marketing initiatives
  • I’ve witnessed sheer incompetence by the grassroots DAOs when assessing proposals. I would love to bring some credibility back to the core NEAR funding bodies.

Take care everyone! Have a lovely weekend,



It goes without saying, a rep from Nearweek is paramount to this DAO. One of the most consistent and productive entities within near


Fully support for you.

With all the work and contribution from you to NEAR, I am confident to support you for this Role.

Best of luck @achildhoodhero


Having known Hero for a while now, I can fully vouch for his character. He has consistently displayed an unwavering love and determination for the Near eco as a whole and is an exceedingly intelligent and resolute individual. I back him fully.


Way to go @achildhoodhero I think your work ethic, knowledge, and ability to apply that knowledge into tangible results is reflected in the growth of NEARWEEK and how it keeps branching out. You got this!


Hey folks!

Just read Hero’s post about joining the advisory board and I’ve always been impressed by his dedication at NEARWEEK and his desire to make a difference.

With his leadership skills, commitment to fairness, and willingness to tackle toxicity and incompetence, I believe Hero can bring credibility back to the core NEAR funding bodies. Let’s show our support as he steps up for a brighter future! :raised_hands:



Can you tell us and your friends about a 1 million dollar grant for NearWeek from Near Foundation?

Maybe your friends struggling with grants will see it from a different angle. Perhaps it’s a reason why the Near NFT market is dead because the NearWeek team is wasting our money.

Hi @Jonyk,

Thanks for the question and concern.

I’m genuinely disappointed to hear that you find the grant given to NEARWEEK by the Foundation could’ve been better spent.

As a public good, this grant - which is delivered on a monthly basis - allows us to maintain a base level of operations.

You can find out more about the many services this allows us to offer the community for free here.

Rest assured that this grant is subject to an extensive list of KPI’s and OKR’s, which have been set in place to ensure NEARWEEK constantly delivers value back to the ecosystem.

Maybe your friends struggling with grants will see it from a different angle.

I don’t think so, you’ll see that several friends have even shown support above :slight_smile:

NEARWEEK is there to champion the community. And this includes NFT projects. Just take a look at the NEARWEEK pfp on Twitter. I think that speaks for itself.

Perhaps it’s a reason why the Near NFT market is dead because the NearWeek team is wasting our money.

As for your interpretation that the grant issued to NEARWEEK has caused the demise of the entire NFT ecosystem. I doubt you believe that yourself.

Please take up this discussion elsewhere. I’m here representing myself today.

Unless I’m missing something, statements like these are why people hate coming to the forums.

Good evening,



With all the projects wasting grant money, NearWeek definitely isn’t one of them…They are by far the biggest News source on near with the most visible contributions. Also I hope you are not serious thinking Near NFT is dead because of that lol.


It is just weird to blame the reason of the dead NFT market because of “wasting money” on different project. Then the one you blame should be NEAR Foundation because this is their investment.

Anyways, back to NEARWEEK I don’t think even with $1 million grant even cover their scope of works. I have been following them since the first edition of NEARWEEK came out and all they did is good deeds to this Ecosystem. If there is a certification of quality builders, NEARWEEK should be one of them.

Again, I think everyone should be able to make question but also should be tied up with responsibility to came up with a solution/answer regarding the former.

Let’s brainstorm on how to make NEAR a better place, shall we?


Hey thanks for the post, I have submitted my application here:


I had the pleasure to work with Hero when I was previously part of the NEARWEEK team and I can assure you that Hero is a dedicated and hardworking individual with a genuine interest for the growth of the ecosystem. I think he would be a perfect fit for this role not only because of the above mentioned qualities but also for his honesty, wit, and fun personality!


Gm Gm DAO bois and gals,

Late to the party, but here we go regardless.

I’m Naomi, short Nao, in the NEAR ecosystem since last July. I have quickly gained good traction by writing, creating threads, and hosting Twitter spaces titled “NEAR is nao,” where I focus on hosting insightful discussions with people from all ecosystems and backgrounds.

My marketing experience in a nutshell:

  • I’m great with words. I’m an experienced writer with the ability to break down highly technical concepts into digestible bites for even those not interested in the tech. I’ve written pretty much anything from API documentation to whitepapers. You can find my writing among other places in NEARWEEK.
  • Social Media Management: Follow the NEAR intern? Then you know my hang for shitposting and pointing out what needs to be said in the community. I also managed Social Media for various web3 projects such as OpenBlox and Bitcoin.com Exchange, resulting in increased organic engagement on their accounts.
  • Community Campaigns: at the intersection of Marketing and Community, I’ve created ambassador programs from scratch, implemented community activities, and ensure that the community is heard

My motivation
I think NEAR has amazing tech, I’m an early user of ShardDog, and love what you can do with NEAR vs. other chains to onboard people. We need to build on these things, and to do so, I reckon we need solid community backing. Especially with the bOS there are so many ways to work with other ecosystems and projects, so it’s exciting, but it also feels like we need to get it right or we enter irrelevance territory.

I’ve been running the NEAR intern account to point out what’s going wrong in the community and highlight what’s right. I’m probably also entering history as the first to reject a grant from the Marketing DAO because I felt I can’t deliver on the scope anymore and am not one to rug - definitely think that taking 3 weeks to get back to a fairly competent person (not to blow my own horn) isn’t cool for a Marketing DAO with 5 members so - I see a lot of room for improvement. And instead of just complaining, I’d like to contribute to making the changes necessary so we can push NEAR and the bOS to broader adoption.

Thanks, and never forget,

the end is NEAR.


Her work and conviction speak for themselves. Along time crypto critic and promoter, her portfolio resembles the much-needed soul crypto needs for adoption. Read her content, and you will see how to evaluate substance vs. vaporware masterfully. Her knack for simplifying esoteric subjects into digestible tidbits allows for precision and fairness when judging proposals. All you have to do is listen to her spaces to see there’s no better-qualified individual to hold this post.


Hero got my support. His work ethic and belief in the potential of near are unmet. Definitely here for the right reasons!
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Thanks all for the many applications and for messages of support from the community to various applicants.

Applications are now closed.

We will be processing them and creating a shortlist to begin contacting applicants this week.

Would like to thank everyone in advance for the time to apply and for their patience. Also a reminder that there are also other opportunities to serve the ecosystem through NEAR Foundation Internships (see comment above) and through NDC.

It’s been really good to see such strong show of interest and quality applicants, makes me bullish for the future of Marketing DAO and the ability to keep very high standards of leadership while keeping it fresh, energised, and decentralised. LFG


Naomi is definitely very valuable asset for the NEAR ecosystem and I think she would be a good fit for Marketing DAO advisor role


Hey there team NEAR :wave:

Thanks so much for expanding your network of DAO advisors. Your work is amazing, and I’d love to be considered for the opportunity. I think I can bring a lot of positive energy and momentum to the initiative. A little about me:

I’ve been in the marketing world for 15 years, but I stopped using the word “marketer” years ago, to describe my profession. My entry point into marketing was when I was 22 in the media and publishing industry. I was responsible for growing an audience to 4M people. I also grew social media programs to 100K people and went on to write The Beginner’s Guide to Online Marketing at 23. I’m told that the resource was used in business schools around the world. People have reached out to say nice things about it, to me.

After working for the publisher, I went independent and have been consulting ever since. I’ve worked with hundreds of marketing teams, in various capacities, over the years. It’s equipped me with a lot of learning, and I’ve come to realize that the future of marketing is ecosystems building.

I started supporting ecosystems-building efforts for web3 companies around 2018. I care about the economic drivers of web3 and am currently on the founding team of a magazine devoted to publishing on topics related to art, legal infrastructure, and regulatory frameworks in web3.

I first became acquainted with NEAR in 2022 when a long-time friend hired me to help write for the NEAR Blog. I had the opportunity to interview a number of project owners on NEAR and learned about (1) NEAR’s unique legal infrastructure for smart contracts and (2) the ecosystem’s approach to inclusion. Candidly, I felt safe and welcome in a way that I did not expect to feel online. My intention has always been to engage more deeply in the NEAR ecosystem, especially after I’m done launching the magazine I’m working on.

Put simply, I think we are living in a uniquely pivotal point in history. In just 40 years, the human population has grown from about 4.7B to 8B. And now, AI is coming.Things are going to change, and I think web3 has the potential to bring people together in creative and constructive ways. That’s why I’d love to be on the MarketingDAO team of advisors, to support the growth of communities on NEAR.

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Hi Team,
I would love to contribute to the Marekting DAO as an advisor. My base information is below and happy to answer any additional questions you have.

Marketing expertise + background:

  • 12 years full stack marketing experience, 6 years involvement in Web3

  • Experience both in-house and in-agency setting. Led a marketing agency based in NYC for 8+ years before transitioning into Web3 client work (previous clients include Kenneth Cole and Facebook)

  • Founder of Crypto Witch Club, a web3 educational community of over 12,000 launched in 2021 (86% women)

  • Thought leadership and work in Web3 has been featured in CoinDesk, Bustle, Time Magazine, GirlBoss, HerMoney, and more. Currently writing about Web3 for Marie Claire Magazine and other outlets, brand speaker at NFT NYC.

  • I work closely with clients on Web3 marketing strategies and deployment. Experienced in vetting client capabilities to see if they are a fit to sign on / have a product with strong potential.

  • Have a strong understanding of how to objectively assess proposals and contribute in a DAO setting

  • Self-starter who has been successfully self-employed for over a decade and enjoys working both independently and in a collaborative setting

  • Strong data + analytics skillset

Knowledge of NEAR and motivation:

  • I have a strong knowledge of the NEAR ecosystem and the ability to dedicate 10 - 2- hours a week to this role

  • Seeking to increase my commitment in Web3 and work with projects I believe in. The opportunity to vet projects and work within a team to create visibility for outstanding projects built on NEAR would be very fulfilling, particularly alongside my other Web3 projects and promoting growth of the industry as a whole

  • I’d love to learn more about venture support and funding while participating in unifying and improving community-driven marketing campaigns under the Near Marketing DAO Vertical


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